Super Mario in Sonic 3 AIR

By Dynamic_Lemons

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to play as Mario in Sonic 3?

Whatever your answer is, this mod is here to show you anyway! This mod pulls from Mario's 2d and 3d games, and gives him sprites to match the Sonic 3 Artstyle, (mostly) by Kaching720!

Mario's Super/Hyper palette is NOT based on SMBZ. Powerups coming later down the line, do not ask.

Luigi will become playable in his own mod later on.

Mario has a few mod compatibilities, being:

Otherwise, it is recommended you play Mario without any other mods on, as they may cause issues.


  • Double / Triple Jump - quickly jump again after landing
  • Dive - B while jumping, running on the ground, or when peforming a Ground Pound
  • Long Jump - B while rolling
  • Ground Pound - Down press after jumping, with left and right not held
  • Ground Pound Jumps - quickly jump again after hitting the ground with a Ground Pound
  • Wall Sliding - when holding towards a solid wall
  • Wall Jump - A when wall sliding or moving upwards when diving when touching a wall
  • Swim - A when underwater

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Milesduck @ 2022-10-10 22:19:28

If I'm going to be 100% honest this is the best and most confusing thing I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing

Last modified by Milesduck @ 2022-10-10 22:20:13

Revolution64 @ 2022-10-11 08:35:17

What can I say except, this is one of the greatest mods yet for A.I.R.!

sussyamongusred @ 2022-10-24 11:52:33

correction: this IS the greatest mod yet for A.I.R

Sonicgamer2000 @ 2022-12-06 09:19:33


Mario9919 @ 2022-10-14 18:00:18

Why are Mario's shoes blue?

Bloopster12346 @ 2022-10-14 18:24:31

Probably to emulate the Genesis color palette limitations.

Dynamic_Lemons @ 2022-10-16 20:46:43

stylization thing, it looks neat

Boblesponge @ 2022-10-15 14:12:49

I say this is the best Mario mod

AlexPiplup @ 2022-10-19 07:34:30

cant blj 0/10

jokes aside this is probably my favorite character mod of all time. for some reason x is used as the a button, which was confusing at the start, but other than that its pretty fun, and flows fluently, though the long jump doesnt have much use i feel, and the super form is vaguely underwhelming, but with the prospect of powerups i think this mod has alot of potential to be among the best for A.I.R, i give it a 9.9/10 (no blj)

sussybrobaka @ 2022-10-21 23:13:47

I'm having problems running this mod where there's an error that pops up and it never works.

SuperSonicDez22 @ 2022-10-23 15:44:08

Comment deleted by SuperSonicDez22 @ 2022-10-23 15:56:55

Angel_The_Wolf @ 2022-10-25 04:46:34

Me encanto él mod, la verdad él mas original que he probado asta ahora, si no les molestan podrían crear uno de rayman?

Jefferyours757 @ 2022-11-03 19:10:09

Sorry but i know power ups are coming but when.

Murphmario @ 2022-11-14 22:51:39

Bug report: Mario's swim can get him stuck in the floor, which causes crushing deaths at the start of Hydrocity Act 2.

Other than that, pretty great mod!

Tizianoproject59 @ 2022-11-16 18:15:52

now only the Luigi mod is missing for 2023

Tizianoproject59 @ 2022-11-16 18:17:15

Luigi's mod with his own abilities

SMBroos @ 2022-11-18 20:08:50

I would like to request something to this mod... If it's possible:

1st: could you make it a extra slot character? Cause Mario is his own thing; if there was Luigi or something like that, i would get it, but if it is just Mario, why not make it a extra slot character?

2nd: could you make a version with Mario's normal color palet? I personally enjoy the modern look more than this one(not saying it's bad or anything, i just think it could look better with the modern color scheme)

Thank you for reading

Last modified by SMBroos @ 2022-11-18 20:10:07

Itsameweegee @ 2022-12-20 07:16:39

Why doesn't this mod play as it used to?. There's no custom controls?

WaffleWayne @ 2023-02-24 20:33:24

It says no princess idk why

Der_Gameboy @ 2023-03-08 13:47:23

I have a Problem: I'm playing it on Android, but I can't jump on "a". Is there a way, to get normal jump controlls?

MunkeJooice @ 2023-03-17 20:48:18

im having an issue. I'm on Android and it's saying that it's unable to resolve identifier: char.state.DIED_GREY. what did i do wrong? if anyone can give advice, I'd appreciate it! :)