Sonic the Hedgehog Megadriven (SHC DEMO)

By Darkex

Get Ready for a new Sonic adventure? After Sonic Mania Plus events, Robotnik came back of a weird portal and used the Chaos Emerald to make in his new city called RobotnikLand, a machine capable of breaking the earth to unleash a ancient monster in his core, Sonic needs to stop Robotnik to avoid the destruction of the earth and the awakening of that monster (Dark Gaia).

In this 3 Acts Demo, You can visit the first 2 acts of Sunset Coast and the first act of Lost Temple!

  • Title cards by Techokami in free assets thread ssrg
  • ProjectFM with his Skid/Splash guide
  • Lavagaming1 with his Lamppost ball explode, helping Darkex coding and optimized spring code
  • Mario64503, TheDarkParadox (Missing), Mr Joker 27 (Retired), AXEL_Srh, DeltaWooloo, STHMDN Dev Team, Vice, and lavagaming1 by Beta Testing
  • Soundtrack by Mr Joker 27 (Title Screen, Sunset Coast 1 and Lost Temple act 1 Music) and Chron D due to his Azure Blue World/Splash Hill Zone act 3 remix and his Invencible music, also there are unused tracks by Mr Joker 27 (Destroyed Castle Zone, Chaos Casino, the other acts of Lost Temple, Speedlight City and Robotnikland) and Dv2 (a hidden Linkin Park song in the credits)
  • Level Layouts by Super Sonic 321, Genesis blast the wowolf, Darkex, Axel_SRH, TheDarkParadox (Missing) and with the help of Mr Joker 27 (Retired)
  • Art and Palettes of Sunset Coast and Lost Labyrinth by Super Sonic 321
  • Sonic Sprites by Axel_Srh and Firefawxcinammon
  • Title Screen Logo art by Klashicola
  • Title Screen Sonic art by Mr_SUGOI and mysterymiles
  • HUD by TheDarkParadox
  • InstaShield by STHMDN Dev Team
  • AURORA FIELDS and vladikcomper for the Error Handler
  • MegaPCM by Vladikcomper, also thanks Dewar for helping to port it to github
  • Spindash guide in SonicRetro
  • EddyTF made his Winning Pose guide in SSRG
  • Double Jump translated to Github disassembly by Dewmer Dewar, original code in Sonic 1 Hacking Studio
  • Super Peel-Out!! Code by luigixhero in the SCD Art Test disasm in the Free Assets Thread in MDDC/SSRG
  • A lot of SonicRetro guides about bugfixes and more stuff
  • STHMDN Dev Team : Axel_SRH, Super Sonic 321, Darkex, Lavagaming1, Klashicola, saan1ty, Undying Star, EddyTF and Guester
  • Hack by Darkex, TheDarkParadox and all the members of the STHMDN Dev Team.
  • Wii Version by Klashicola (almost all the WAD things) and Darkex (Hack tweaks for a better experience in Wii + adding banner music)

File Type: rom/mega-drive

File Size: 1.9 MB

Extra Public Downloads
[SHC] Sonic the Hedgehog Megadriiven (Wii)
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Proletant Team @ 2022-10-10 07:13:29

Friend, this is a great hack! I enjoyed it. Yes, I helped you a little;)

Last modified by Proletant Team @ 2022-10-10 07:14:15

RobiWanKenobi @ 2022-10-10 07:54:58

where is the randomly on a wii trophy

Darkex @ 2022-10-10 20:28:54

I had some issues with the description, so there are the controls.

ABC: Jump

A (after jump): Double Jump

B/C: (after jump/mid air): Insta Shield

There is also Peelout and Spindash.

marcosmoutta @ 2022-10-11 03:25:39

This has a lot of potential, but it NEEDS to be harder and have longer levels/not have as many speed powerups

dilworks @ 2022-10-11 17:55:26

Got stuck like an idiot on Lost Ruins... until I learned that A does Double Jump - D'OH!

Aside of that, like the graphics and the music choices. Not bad for a start, hope to see this more developed on future contests!

ryantrusty @ 2022-10-13 21:28:01

quite fun! I do wish there were longer levels and just more levels overall but very solid!

feels like a mix of triple trouble 16 bit, fallen star, and sonic advance. also I got on top of the map in the 2nd zone, not sure if that's intentional...

pretty good/10

Darkex @ 2022-10-17 19:58:25

That was a level design issue, I didnt noticed it until the streamers got into the top of the level, lol.

marcosmoutta @ 2022-10-15 05:37:08

Idk if I'm allowed to disclose my vote, but let's just say, I think this one is a real Sonic CD level ;D

RobiWanKenobi @ 2022-10-26 07:10:57

This is the last time, I'll take the blame for the sake of being with you

Darkex @ 2022-10-28 09:10:13

Everything falls apart, even the people who never frown eventually break down