Sonic Mania - Knuckles Plus

By jubbalub

Have you ever thought that Knuckles in Sonic Mania deserved more? Wished that he had a more distinct adventure? Clamoring for more ways to use Knuckles' signature abilities? Look no further!

Knuckles Plus is a small expansion mod for Sonic Mania that adds new routes exclusive to Knuckles, most of which are required for progression. These routes have all the expected beats, including checkpoints, special rings, multiple paths, and hidden secrets. These routes utilize Knuckles' climbing and gliding abilities to great effect, and may even have a new gimmick thrown in for good measure. These additions include exclusive starting routes in the following:

  • Green Hill Zone Act 2
  • Chemical Plant Zone Act 1
  • Studiopolis Zone Act 1 (this one is very small, I would've added more but I hit the object limit)
  • Metallic Madness Act 1, featuring everyone's favorite headache from Carnival Night Zone

Because this mod does not contain any code changes, it can be played on ANY version of Sonic Mania. This includes the Steam, Origin, Epic Games, and decompiled versions.

  • Created by jubbalub

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GFX32 @ 2022-10-10 08:53:15

great layouts! they felt really unique but also fit in very nicely with the original layouts. I especially enjoyed MMZ1's and GHZ's.

I did find the sections felt a bit cramped and tightly packed. not sure if this is just due to the limitation of fitting new sections in old layouts, but don't be afraid to make some areas a bit more open.