Sonic Skychaser

By GTKoopa

Sonic has had enough with flying in Sky Chase Zone, he decided to run instead. The badniks won't make it easy for him though! Meet "Balky" the Balkiry a speedy sparrow, "Big Turty" and "Little Turty" a pair of Turtloid acrobats, and "Nebby" the Nebula who won't stay in its bag. Inspired by XX Zone in Sonic Advance 2.

Face either the Main Mode with rings and limited lives, or try "Hit Attack Mode!" In Hit Attack Mode, "H.A.M." for short, things are a bit different. Watch the time limit and get as many hits as you can to rack up that high score! However if you get hit then the timer ends early and you move on to the next battle, losing out on those potental hits. Hit Attack Mode was honestly an idea I had for a while and managed to finally make a proof of concept this year. Tell me what you think?

After the third boss in both modes the game pushes you back to the title screen. Tails is also playable if you keep pressing down or up through the title screen!


Weapons from Flying Battery Zone.


File Type: rom/mega-drive

File Size: 2 MB

mohammedyasir (lavagaming1) @ 2022-10-10 04:22:56

not a really good idea tbh

Giovanni @ 2022-10-10 15:41:34

A really nice concept. I like the design of the three boss fights (?) produced in this hack. I also appreciate the inclusion of the hit attack mode. However, it could've been executed better. The fact that the game just cuts back to the title after ending any run is actually really underwhelming in my opinion.

Last modified by Giovanni @ 2022-10-10 15:42:34

dilworks @ 2022-10-11 15:52:15

This hack made me remember how much I hate Sky Chase Zone.

leoclubs @ 2022-10-12 11:56:31

a very good concept that could be integrated into a very good full blown hack in the future.

I like change. especially changes like this.