Sonic Mania: Ruby Chronicles

By DigitalPhantom

Tired of playing the same old levels? Is encore mode not "unique enough"? Do characters feel too same-y? This mod's for you!

Ruby Chronicles adds interesting changes to every level with new routes, special twists with old gimmicks, harder bosses, new color palettes, and more! You'll be forced out of your comfort zone with this mod!

Here's a brief list of all the changes:

Zone Changes:

  • Green Hill: More ziplines are featured and Robotnik's leftover wrecking balls are scattered across the plains. Use them to barrage through paths!
  • Hazard Plant: In the industrial area of the city lies the dangerous Hazard Plant. Try to not drown in the flooding chemicals.
  • Studiopolis: Head downtown into this media metropolis! TV Vans are everywhere, will you appear on the news??
  • Flying Battery: Jump onto the airship and ride the Magrails.
  • Press Garden: You've reached the heart of Studiopolis' propaganda. New routes are available for Sonic to speed through this press.
  • Stardust Speedway: Mother Nature has taken control of this temple, opening new routes and blocking existing ones.
  • Hydrocity: The city is completely submerged! Can you drain the water? Beware of the terrain's water damage, causing water to gush out everywhere!
  • Mirage Express/Mirage Saloon: Jump onto a moving train or explore the old train wreckage deep in the canyon before reaching the Saloon!
  • Oil Ocean: The chemicals from the Hazard Plant have made the oil toxic, try to stay out of it!
  • Lava Reef/Palace Ruins: Explore the old mineral mine and watch out for the leftover mining equipment as you reach the Palace!
  • Metallic Madness: Shrink rays are scattered all over the base! Watch out for extra pistons and buzzsaws!
  • Titanic Tower: You've reached the highly-advanced metropolis! Climb and enter the tower, and collect the Phantom Ruby for the final time!
  • New color palettes for both Mania & Encore Mode!

Game Changes:

  • Special Stages have new color palettes and tweaked layouts
  • New Knuckles routes
  • All characters have new stats, making everyone play differently!
  • New soundtrack, featuring remixes from accross the Sonic Franchise, and some Encore-exclusive music!
  • - For the midi used to make the ost remixes
  • Sonic Roboblast 2 Team - Desolate Twilight remix used in Press Garden
  • Retro Engine Modding Discord Server - For all the support, you're awesome!
  • SEGA - Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Sonic Spinball sound effects

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File Size: 12.35 MB

Extra Public Downloads
Ruby Chronicles OST
127.77 MB

DigitalPhantom @ 2023-10-23 05:17:35

Heads up! The ost featured here is outdated! Please use this one instead >

Last modified by DigitalPhantom @ 2023-10-23 06:17:01

Madtaz64 @ 2023-10-25 22:53:01

Hey I'm a little confused with what it says on the Gamebanana page, it recommends 3 different character mods, one of them the "one more Shadow mod". The issue is at least from what I'm seeing the shadow mod is decomp only, but RC is not? Am I missing something? Is it still recommended to play with those mods?

DigitalPhantom @ 2023-10-26 00:35:48

Playing with those 3 mods is completely optional (also that page is very outdated). The shadow mod functions on normal mania, it's a tad bit buggy though.