Sonic FreeFall

By TheInvisibleSun

Sonic FreeFall is a simple romhack of the original 16-bit Sonic the Hedgehog, with a simple goal:

Get Yellow Rings!

This demo features 6 stages in which Sonic must steer his way toward collecting as many rings as possible, through both South Island's natural obstacles and Eggman's various dastardly traps.


A, B and C Buttons: Jump

Left: Move Sonic to the Left

Right: Move Sonic to the Right

Tips and Tricks

  • Each stage has clusters and rows, and other ring patterns amongst the strewn about rings. Be sure to search the whole map if don't see many rings around!
  • For some stages, rings may be in areas hidden from view...
  • Don't Eat The Yellow Bumpers
  • For each stage, you only need to clear the ring requirement once; after doing so, you can retry as many times as you like and proceed regardless of the result. Beware though, doing this will reduce your score.
  • Want to play individual stages? Rumour has it that there are secret shortcuts hidden in Green Hill Zone...

Feel free to post your best score in the comments below.



Known Bugs/Issues:

-Pressing Start on the Retry Menu will pause the game, but your highlighted choice will be automatically selected upon unpausing.

-Spring Yard and Marble Zone both start out with a bit of lag.

-If you hit the walls in Marble Zone just right, Sonic will revert to his walking sprite until the level resets.

-There's an occasional sprite glitch that briefly breaks Sonic's animation when the retry menu pops up.

-There's a glitch that messes with the palette on occasion, if you collect a lot of rings/objects at once in certain areas.

-There is a visual bug that occurs upon re-entering Green Hill after the credits; this is corrected upon hard reset.

-During the retry sequence, you can still collect rings, even though it doesn't add to your count.

-There are a couple of rings in Marble Zone that are unable to be collected, due to a layout error.

  • Project FM - Sonic 3 Object and Ring Manager Reference
  • MarkeyJester - Sonic Two-Eight Disassembly
  • Alex Yard - Music Index Expansion Guide
  • Ambil - ASM-to-Hex Reference
  • Playtesters - Project FM | Scrap Sorra
  • Special Thanks - Vladikcomper | Giovanni | nineko | Gardeguey

File Type: rom/mega-drive

File Size: 1 MB

dilworks @ 2023-10-25 08:15:10

This reminds me of the S1 SMS special stages, although harder because you float rather than bumping around.

Jdpense @ 2023-10-25 10:42:47

This idea is pretty cool! I especially enjoyed the additional bonus challenge in LZ!

Edit: I forgot that I was meant to keep track of my score before playing, sorry about that =(

Last modified by Jdpense @ 2023-10-25 10:44:05

MilesWithTails @ 2023-10-29 03:40:53

So, first I have seen this hack in YouTube. The videos name was "Sonic 1: Cosmic Zone". I also remember this as a " GHZLayaout_Hack". Finally this hack has a great update.