Agent Stone in Sonic 3 A.I.R. (v0.8)

By HazelSpooder


He's back... HE'S BAAAAAAAACK!!

Agent Stone in Sonic 3 A.I.R. (aka Stone 3 A.I.R.) is a Sonic 3 A.I.R. mod that takes place in an alternate timeline of the events that transpired in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Being a former government agent being sent out to investigate the launch site of the Death Egg on Westside Island, Agent Stone has became loyal to the evil Dr. Robotnik, and will do anything he can to assist him in repowering the Death Egg.

The mod replaces a majority of the base game minibosses with Agent Stone piloting them instead, along with Stone taking the role of primary antagonist instead of Egg Robo when playing as Knuckles. Compared to last year's entry, this version covers all the way up to Lava Reef Zone. Stone will not be present in any zones following LRZ in this version.


  • Unique sprites and animations for each boss, now completely revamped by MiaCDi!
  • Harder AI tweaks!
  • Pacing improvements to the encounters!
  • Various other changes and additions to improve upon the fights or make them more lively!
  • Five custom bosses, with some exclusive to certain characters!
    • LBZ1 has Agent Stone pilot a suspicious looking device to try and take down Knuckles!
    • MHZ1 has a pinch phase, where you give chase after Agent Stone in his attempt to retreat!
    • FBZ1 has Agent Stone pilot a terrifying Gapsule with legs you must fight as Knuckles! (Extra Slot Amy can also fight this boss!)
    • SOZ1 has Agent Stone try to run Knuckles over and kick up sand in his brand new dune buggy! (Extra Slot Mighty can also fight this boss!)
    • LRZ2 has a very nasty surprise awaiting the player at the end...
  • Waaaaay too many palettes to choose from, plus options to randomize the palette used!
  • 2 different types of boss themes to choose from for both Act 1 and Act 2 encounters with Stone:
    • Unique themes composed by the legendary LunarCryptik and CartoonsAnimate22!
    • All of the boss themes from Sonic 3D Blast, with Genesis arranged versions of the Saturn boss theme remixed by rosie_eclairs and HazelSpooder!
  • Compatibility with various other mods! (Check the readme for the full list!)
  • Quite a few silly easter eggs you may come across! (Must be turned on in mod options!)
    • HazelSpooder - Scripting, Sprites, Music, Palettes, Testing
    • rosy-eclairs - Sprites, Palettes, Music, Box Art, Trailer, Testing
    • Dynamic Lemons - Sprites, Dune Buggy Sprites and boss design, Palettes, Scripting Assistance
    • MiaCDi - Sprites, Revamped Stone Sprites
    • panoramhusky - Sprites, Palettes, Sonic Jam Bio, Testing
    • Pixy-pie - Sprites, Palettes, Classic Agent Stone design used in the mod (@pics_pixels on Twitter)
    • Heatto - Sprites
    • LunarCryptik - Music
    • CartoonsAnimate22 - Music
    • techncolour - Dune Buggy Sprites, Bits and Pieces and BluΞbazel palettes
    • dreamywolf - Agent Stone Artwork, Original Classic Agent Stone Design (@dreamywolfdd on Twitter)
    • Lave SIime - Palette Assistance
    • iCloudius - Ensuring compatibility with various mods
    • Sms8Powa - MGZ2 Boss zoomout animation code from Blue Glasses Eggman
    • Louplayer - Misc Ship Sprites
    • Sanic Hogeheg - AIZ Bomber/Blimp Sprites
    • TCMusic - SHC 22 Trailer Music
  • v0.8 TESTERS
    • techncolour
    • Benkoopa
    • Tidmouth
    • BriceTAS
    • JacksNormal
    • rlan2/Ryan Langley - Mod idea
    • Lanthart - Original Classic Agent Stone Design (@Lanth_art on Twitter)
    • doUble U - Backstory inspiration
    • The Sonic 3 A.I.R. Community and Sonic Hacking Conest - The overwhelming love, support, and feedback we've gotten for this project
    • Lee Majdoub - Bringing the character of Agent Stone to life
    • Various new SFX - Sonic 3 Prototype, Sonic CD, Knuckles Chaotix
    • The Beach Arcade Dream - Need for Madness (Eagles)
    • Genesis Boss Music - Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis)
    • Saturn Boss Music MIDIs - Monster Iestyn, Talismon2k1

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KarlEmerald @ 2023-10-23 05:17:37


.MP4 @ 2023-10-23 09:56:03

This update is sick just sick and i love it but i do find it strange that some of stones fights are only available to knuckles or extra slots i wish the was a way to chenge that but the mods still really cool

zoroarkgamer62 @ 2023-10-23 13:06:20

I love the mod, and Its stoning time

SRB2er @ 2023-10-23 13:57:58

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a-purple-dragon @ 2023-10-23 15:40:23

Like I said on the video, they really, really should make Stone part of the actual cast. Plus the mod itself is great, it feels like he was always intended to be in the game!

System_Error_Insane_Freddy @ 2023-10-23 18:37:48

10/10, has Agent Stone, need I say more?

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MrAxolot4231 @ 2023-10-23 20:56:01


Souplike @ 2023-10-24 06:10:24

This is absolutely what Sonic 3's boss fight's should have been! 10/10!

Dominic @ 2023-10-27 19:57:42

I wonder what v1 be like for agent stone. love the custom bosses and custom attacks! Keep it up!! :)

EgorParamonov244 @ 2023-10-31 03:45:35

Nice mod

Stondhia @ 2023-11-24 07:45:07

Por qué cuando quiero activar el mod, lo pongo en la prioridad superior, y en la prioridad inferior pongo da garden edition y extra character Slots me aparece la pantalla de que la prioridad está mal, también si es error de prioridad con da garden y extra character Slots que voy a hacer por qué da garden no puede ir por encima de extra character Slots

Hollow_Dude @ 2024-01-14 16:41:10

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Hollow_Dude @ 2024-01-30 20:50:10

How come Agent Stone doesn't appear in Knuckles' campaign past LRZ?

cool mod tho

Paradox0 @ 2024-04-01 02:39:33

Hi. Can I use your mod for my modpack?