Silver Sonic The Crystal Islands

By Roebloz

After collecting the Chaos Emeralds and teleporting out of Robotnik's crumbling Death Egg, stopping the mad doctor's plans yet again, Silver Sonic finished his vacation on the Kirgony Isles before wandering back to West Island, and go back to Scrambled Egg Zone. There were rumors of Tails, Sonic's best friend having discovered a new species upon his return from defeating the evil Witchcart. Curious, and wanting to befriend the fox that he had been forced to help keep captive by his evil creator, Silver Sonic speeded towards Green Hill Zone where he expected them to be and sure enough, Tails and Sonic were hanging out while Tails was examining an odd, crystalline blue turtle with spikes that was sleeping.

After introducing himself, (And bribing Sonic with chili dogs to not have his face smashed in) Silver Sonic asked about the odd creature. Tails explained that the creature (Dubbed Tsumuri by himself) was the jewel in Witchcart's staff that had allowed her to turn the inhabitants of the island Tails had found into crystals, and upon further examination had come from the Crystal Islands, the place where Robotnik had built the Crystal Egg Zone to emprison Tails, and work on interdimensional teleportation experiments as the island was known for its odd mystical properties, odd creatures and for the mysterious alien species Sherumis sometimes teleporting in from another universe. Sonic further explained that ever since he had defeated Robotnik there, it seemed like the island's mysterious crystalline population had surfaced again, but that they were being controlled by one other Master Robot that he had failed to defeat and that ever since Tails came back, Tsumuris were coming out of the water and attacking the animals of West Island.

Silver Sonic then remembered that he had once seen the blueprints for himself and the other Master Robots when he left Egg Base Zone, and had spotted a blueprint for a mermaid Master Robot named "Splashy" that had been designed to control exotic creatures with her beautiful singing voice. Could this be her, and could her program still be aimed towards Robotnik's evil goals for world domination? Wanting to save what was possibly the last remaining Master Robot, and preventing an invasion of strange, mostly one-eyed crystalline creatures, Silver Sonic set off to find the Crystal Islands...

Hey hey, it's-a me, Roebloz, back with another Silver Sonic hack! (Who'd have figured...) This is my second hack based on Sonic 1 8-bit, (Which should hopefully feel a lot more polished to hardcore SMS fans and regular Sonic players alike, since now I had a better grip with the engine. There are still things out of my control like slowdown and slight visual bugs, but that is just the nature of Sonic 1 SMS) and this time Silver Sonic explores the mysterious Crystal Islands where Robotnik had built his Crystal Egg Zone to work on his teleportation experiments. It turns out that there was another Master Robot that had not been angrily scrapped and thrown into Labyrinth Zone who was still on the island and controlling its mysterious crystalline fauna to prepare for an invasion. (Which had been initiated by her recruiting the evil Witchcart to conquer an island, which had thankfully been stopped by Tails during Tails Skypatrol) But aside from Robotnik having created her and his code being the reason she is evil, the mad doctor himself doesn't appear in this bouncy adventure himself.

This new adventure, starring the epically cute robotic double of Sonic, features many hoops and challenges to try and stop the mermaid robot Splashy and the various funky wild creatures and robots of the Crystal Islands. There's plenty of fun and Sonic action to be had with various powerups scattered throughout that you'll want to find, including the elusive Program Disks scattered across the island to hopefully help Silver Sonic remove Splashy's evil domination code and become her friend, after 6 zones of zany all-star action.

  • Seaside Gem Zone, a zone comprised of the various crystal structures around the island, where temples made out of the same crystal had been built by an ancient civilization. It is home to plenty of adult Tsumuris, Gemcrabs, the flying Valkidrones and the deadly&stealthy Crystaljaws. The Program Disk is on a ledge near the top of Act 2, you will have to find the right opening in the wall to get to it.
  • Frost Mine Zone, a zone comprised of various mineshafts constructed over the inner canals going through the grassy caverns of the island and acting as a natural line of defense against intruders before getting into Robotnik's actual installations. Aside from Valkidrones, the non-native alien Sherumis wander around on the grassy stone with their spikes acting as a powerful method of attack, and the deadly Terrasalmus frequently jump out of the water to attempt to tear the silver blur to shreds with their powerful bite. The Program Disk is rumored to be somewhere near the water in Act 2, on a small protrusion in a cliff.
  • Crystal Egg Zone is revisited, the zone being the former headquarters of Robotnik during the time he kidnapped Tails, where he was researching ways to achieve extradimensional teleportation using the Chaos Emeralds. The fauna has started to repopulate around the now-abandoned and flooding base, the Crystalkillers being very prominent along with Tsumuris and Crystaljaws having reclaimed their once-dominated homeland, although the evil genius's Flying Choppers are still rampant throughout the zone, their hard metallic shell being sharp enough to even slice through Silver Sonic, preventing him from harming them, and various defense systems have been reactivated, including but not limited to (But mostly limited to) various spears. The Program Disk is either on a puzzling ledge or under a Flying Chopper shooter depending on the version, be very careful collecting it! There might also be a lost champion of trained duck fights somewhere, but we're not really sure...
  • Chromed Jewel Zone seems to be a true underground stronghold, featuring many mysterious jewels in and out of its chrome blue walls. It seems to act as a water filtration or draining system for Splashy's operations to funnel it into her own Aqua Mermaid Zone, but it seems to have also initially been started as a mine by Robotnik to try and find jewels with similar properties to Chaos Emeralds, and only completed and expanded by Splashy with the help of her control over the crystalline fauna. The badnik Unidus Orbinauts makes an apppearance, seemingly being used to dig through walls with their spiked balls and to attack intruders, with the help of the Minerarumoru, purple bipedal mole-like creatures with excellent mining and landscaping capabilities thanks to their powerful spinning emerald drill...beak? Horn? The place isn't entirely safe and sound from purely offensive threats, as there are plenty of dangerous high-speed waterfalls, wrecking balls and spikes, as well as the mysterious and shy Tirufaias, odd spirits who take the form of a pleasant teal blaze, but who will explode into four dangerous high-speed balls of spirit inferno to attempt to burn you before reforming somewhere else. The Program Disk is down a tall and dangerously spiked vertical shaft on top of a platform.
  • Aqua Mermaid Zone, the home of Splashy and her operation, built in the very center of islands in the massive lake, a beautiful yet quite mechanical resort ideal for fish, robots, robot fish and fish robots of all kind. (Organic hedgehogs are not welcome, but robotic hedgehogs thankfully don't have to worry about such things like "breathing", or "drowning".) Terrasalmi make an unsurprising return, (Along with the slightly more surprising return of the Crystal Egg's spears) but Splashy's own green Tropishes and especially her personal favorite, the Mecha-Kumanomis, are the primary species of robotic fish to swim along the underwater base. (Where I'm told a Program Disk is hiding under some conveyor belts in Act 2!) Of course, the singing mermaid appears herself as well, ready for a end-all be-all, final confrontation against Silver Sonic before he finds the portal to...
  • The Edgeworld. This bizarre dimension is said to be the key to teleportation, with some calling it by various other names such as "The Borderworld", "Xen", or even "The World Beyond". (Making it sound like heaven...) Chaos Energy flows freely all over the place, allowing for interdimensional teleportation to occur, but also resulting in deadly shockwaves of electricity to be able to spread throughout between Lightning Incubators from the frequent thunderstorms. Splashy managed to build her own teleporter to the Edgeworld, and transported the last remaining battle airship of the Sky Base Zone as a base of operations, without even knowing that the key to her freedom was inside of it in a control room built to track and control all of the Master Robots code and actions. (Which you luckily broke through thanks to the surcharge of energy from holding and then losing the green Chaos Emerald to Sonic) In any case, she is not here, so you have the opportunity to finally free her and make her like you, a free robot! The various cannons of the airship and the random volts of electricity will try to stop you though, the Sherumis do not appreciate you invading their homeworld, and plenty of Valkidrones, Tsumuris and Crystaljaws wandered into the teleporter on multiple occasions and will do everything in their power to get their last chance at revenge against you. Make it to the airship, and free Splashy, (In turn freeing all the ones she is controlling) to end this once and for all!

Will Silver Sonic succeed in freeing Splashy from Robotnik's outdated evil program? Will he make new friends with the inhabitants of the island? Will he find the Program Disks to get Splashy's love? And finally, will he partake in a story that actually makes sense? You'll be able to answer yes to three of these questions by playing Silver Sonic The Crystal Islands, today! And, once you're done with the Easy Mode, (Which I highly recommend you to start with) there is a bonus Hard Mode to play through, filled with cheap blind jumps, spikes and annoying enemy layouts! Wowzers!!!!

And if you are an absolute madman, there is even Perfect Mode, which is basically Hard Mode but no powerups, no items, no rings, no extra lives, and barely any continues. For Masters Only. (no seriously, don't play it on your first go) If you manage to be the first one to fully beat it without savestates, you will get a shoutout in my SHC video on my YouTube channel, as well as general bragging rights.

If you need any more game tips (Or don't know how Sonic 1 8-Bit works) and other useful info, I have included in the download some extra stuff like the box art and its original file (Including a lot of unused variations since I had a lot of trouble deciding which version to use), the joke box art, full level maps and even a funny manual with all of that for the ultimate retro video game box experience, all on your PC!!! There is also an extra download for the soundtrack, (In both MP3 and VGM form) as well as a bad GBA port if you're into very wacky graphics and sound quality.

Toot-Toot Silver Sonic Warriors, jump & roll into some crystal-headed ambiguously alien or non-alien creatures, make stupid theories about said ambiguously alien or non-alien creatures, and vote for the Best Use of a Game Not Commonly Modified trophy again! (If you wish...No one is forcing you to of course...) As for me...This is where I get off.


Hi, I'm the credits.


  • Roebloz: Level Design, Lead Designer, Prrromotion Manager, Artist, Playtesting, etc...
  • Irenepunmaster: Lead Artist, helped a lot with polishing (And naming!) the fauna, and made the entire credits graphic as well as the Edgeworld pillars, thank you :D
  • Amilgi: Lead Song Programmer, imported all the custom music into the game and remixed the S2 8-bit unused track for Crystal Egg Zone. Thank you as well!
  • "Drycreature, saan1ty, "Ze Best MÄDDÄÄÄÄHK In TF2", Hammerpaperbro & Wavy for early playtesting

OUT OF GAME: (Song and image references)

  • Box Art Silver Sonic: Phonsie draws stuff! (Stardust Boys) -
  • Box Art Design: Based off of Pocket Monsters Midori (Pokemon Green)'s box art.
  • Music: Pokemon Gold/Silver Intro Part 2, Mega Man 3 Gemini Man, Mega Man 9 Boss Theme, Plok! SNES Beach Theme, Sonic 2 8-bit unused song remix by Amilgi, Sonic CD Wacky Workbench Past, Mega Man 9 Splash Woman Theme, Half-Life Nuclear Mission Jam/Something Secret Steers Us
  • Tilesets: Zone 1's tileset is based off of Mega Man 5's Crystal Man Stage and Mega Man 2's Splash Man Stage, Zone 2's is based off of Mega Man 4 Skull Man and Ring Man Stage, Zone 3's is a pretty much direct port of Sonic 2 8-bit's Crystal Egg Zone tileset, Zone 4 is downscaled and adapted Sonic CD Wacky Workbench Present and Quartz Quadrant Present tiles, Zone 5 is based off of Mega Man 9 Splash Woman Stage, and finally Zone 6 is based off of Half-Life's Xen levels, with various tiles from Super Metroid. (The indoors section is unchanged)
  • Enemies: Most enemies are either modified versions of Metroid 2 or Sonic 1 8-bit enemies mixed with elements from MM5's Crystal Man enemies. (Especially Crystal Joe) There is the Flying Chopper from Sonic 2 8-bit, the untouched Unidus and two slightly downscaled robotic fish enemies from Mega Man 9.

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Roebloz @ 2023-09-17 13:29:21

Hope you'll enjoy~♡

Roebloz @ 2023-10-24 08:06:48

I guess no one has anything to say...?

Oh also I forgot to put it in the credits, but I used some Sonic 2 8-bit Scrambled Egg Zone tiles in the credits. (And I used DoctorSMS's SMS to GBA tool, though considering said GBA version has a huge splash screen I think it was pretty obvious...)

Last modified by Roebloz @ 2023-10-24 08:17:09

dilworks @ 2023-10-25 15:45:32

This hack has improved A LOT since the borderline unplayable version from the previous SHC!

The physics of the SMS engine are still something to be well aware of, but at least I don't find myself dying over and over and over within the first boss. However, if my emulator were a car, I would need to call a mechanic afterwards becuase I kept slamming on the brakes on the veeeeery slippery surfaces! Go slow, watch your surroundings, and STOP before moving - that's the key for survival here.

Roebloz @ 2023-10-25 17:28:55

Thank you! (Though its not a new version of Rise of the Death Egg; It's an entirely new hack altogether...)

And yeah, its more of a traditional platformer than a all-speed Sonic-esque gameplay.

misacelikelli @ 2023-12-06 11:51:13

Hey @Roebloz! Cool Game, Why did you made this Sonic Hack SMS? what's your Sonic Hack SMS was been made on your Software? What's the ROM was Software made this SMS Rom?

Rrose80149 @ 2024-03-07 15:06:47

Excuse me, nice hack but how did you get a character to breahe underwater infinitely like in Labyrinth Zone act 3? I see you made Silver Sonic to breathe infinitely in Aqua Mermaid Zone so how do I do that?