Sonic the Hedgehog: Save The Moon Demo

By Guyke89

Sonic the Hedgehog: Save The Moon is a Sonic 1 Rom hack that has been in development anonymously and alone since the 2021 semi-finals. My specialty with this demostration is that players enjoy the art of the game, OSTs of other well-selected games for the occasion, and the delicious color palette.

LORE: The evil Dr. Robotnik has obtained the seventh chaos emerald, the last one he was missing, he has planned to escape to the moon with the emerald and create a base on it.

Sonic, has found out about this and decides to visit all the corners of the South Island until he finds an old factory where Dr. robotnik took refuge and the place where he has put his rocket in the direction of the moon.


PINE FIELDS: a beautiful lake full of pine trees and badniks, with double paths depending on which route you have taken.

FOREST RUINS: you will face an abysmal forest of ruins and dense water, keep in mind the bubble monitors and the small bubble generators, a clastrophobic level, dark and without oxygen.

PINBALL CITY: sonic has arrived in a colossal city with many radiant lights and colors, full of enemies, traps and dangerous spikes.

METALIC FACTORY: a huge factory where Dr. robotnik is sheltered, a level full of seesaws, columns of spikes, turns and traps.

Some bugs and errors:

  • It can happen that when leaving the forest the water is damaged it can crash, this depends on your emulator.
  • Metalic Factory slopes can be bugged, be careful.
  • After displaying the post-title screen demos or completing the game, the SUPER SONIC 321 PRESENTS screen may become damaged.
  • Some sprites are not polished


  • Music and SFX- SMPSConv, Project2612 page
  • Graphics - Me, spriters and TheDarkParadox assets, (S1, S2, S2B, Tom Payne Enemies, SCD, S3, Dr robotnik mean bean machine, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, World of Illusion, Quackshot, Dashin' Desperadoes, McDonald Treasure Land and Dynamite Headdy Graphics)
  • Coding - Me, SSRG and Sonic retro
  • Tools - SonMapEd, SonED2, SMPSConv, Selbi's Sonic 1 text code generator
  • Devon SCD dissam - Sonic Title screen maps and code


Vladikcomper - Mega PCM, Improved Level Transitions and Water Skimming

Nineko - Eggman Monitor in game and Play different songs on different acts

SoullessSentinel - Expanded Music Slots

Kilo - Fix debug mode, SCD Roll-Jump fix

SSRG Mini-tutorials Thread free codes - SCD like explosions

Inferno - Air roll code

TheFieldWarrior - slow ducking

chobocoda - extend title screen duration

redhotsonic and Luigi Hero - Better ObjectMove Subroutines, Scattered Rings Underwater Physics, Accidental Deletion of Scattered Rings and Speed Up Ring Loss Process tutorial

ProjectFM - Sonic 2 Splash and Skid Dust in s1


SCHG - Spin dash in S1 tutorial by Lightning and Puto, Nineko's music per act tutorial

MarkeyJester - Extend the Sonic 1 sprite mappings and art limit Tutorial and better fade outs

EddyTF - winnig pose code

Nat The Porcupine - SCD camera code

Vladikcomper - How to add Water Skimming

FraGag - New zone in S1 tutorial

jubbalub - restore unused burned S1 death (unused, but I have left it internally in game)


File Type: rom/mega-drive

File Size: 1 MB

Guyke89 @ 2023-09-29 10:18:12

Créditos adicionales que acabo de recordar, Rookie: muestra de s3 GO, Vallybell para SMPSconv, SMPS Research Pack V5, S2 sounds efects by Caverns 4 and SCHG Port the Sonic 2 Clone Sound Driver s2 sfxs

Si olvidé mencionar algo, házmelo saber, no me gustaría usar recursos o código sin crédito de esa persona.

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Sonic_the_dutch_hedgehog @ 2023-10-23 07:45:45

The art in this hack is beautiful! Great work.

Jdpense @ 2023-10-24 14:23:49

Amazing artwork and probably the best in this contest so far! Although, I'm not the biggest fan of the level design for the second zone, since it got really confusing to navigate at certain points and kinda felt a little bit too long.

dilworks @ 2023-10-24 17:51:04

Definitely a top contender. Short but sweet, just like I like 'em~

Art is nice, level layouts aren't bad, there is plenty of room for improvement but the foundations are very solid. Love the music picks, especially for Pinball City.

Roebloz @ 2023-10-24 18:35:55

This hack...Phenomenal. I have rarely seen a hack of this quality, like the art is amazing and has a consistent artstyle, the music is beautiful, calm and Sonicky, the new sprites are great, th level design is amazing...My one and only complaint is that it's just a demo!!! D: Honestly, if you need help with this, I would be honored to help this project in any way I could, my god... I think I've found my Sonic Trophy already.

Roebloz @ 2023-10-24 18:37:24

Oh, and if anyone is interested in a full playthrough to check out before playing it, here's one from me: [url][/url]

But trust me, you won't need it, just play this RIGHT NOW, you won't regret it. I mean, I wanted to replay it the second i was done with it and trust me, if I want to replay a hack, that means its amazing.

OrionNavattan @ 2023-10-24 20:20:50

Haven't made it beyond the Pine Fields Boss yet, but already I'm impressed by that level's gorgeous art. There is definitely room to improve, as the level does feel a smidge empty, but a solid foundation nonetheless. That said, I have uncovered a pretty serious bug: the game crashes with an address error on a game over.

Scrap Sorra @ 2023-10-25 07:16:25

Sad to say this hack thoroughly disappointed me. Visually the hack is very nice - Appealing art assets and good use of color make for good looking stages. Unfortunately, the visuals are really the only thing of note in this hack, as the level design is very lacking. Forest Ruins is unfortunately stretched too long for a single act, and the other zones don't fare much better. The final 2 levels are unengaging and empty, and the opening level could benefit from being a little longer.

Scrap Sorra @ 2023-10-25 07:16:59

I didn't really care for the soundtrack save for Columns Dive. I see a lot of potential in this hack, and with solid level design it could be a really solid hack, but at the moment it's disappointingly lacking. Text limit is kicking my ass, 500 characters is not enough.

Eeveelover64 @ 2023-10-27 14:27:47

ose pfp spotted ‼

nuthin about it, just funny :P

Eeveelover64 @ 2023-10-27 14:29:55

this hack is really good, the music is pretty good too! (tho, i'll excuse the use of column dive, since there's nothing new about it) and the art actually awesome, the first zone kinda reminds me of pantufa tho lmao. great hack! can't wait for it to be finished :0

Proletant Team @ 2023-10-29 03:16:28

This art is just a miracle! An amazing hack with a combination of code and graphics. Only the level design is not very good, but we are sure that you will fix it next year! Sincerely, Team Proletant)

Last modified by Proletant Team @ 2023-10-29 03:17:42

jrose80149 @ 2023-11-30 10:20:41

I love Sonic the Hedgehog: Save The Moon. Best Gameplay. Best Level Design. Best Art style. Best ROM Hack ever. You've done a great job, Super_Sonic_321. I give it a 10/10.