Character Edits + (Demo)

By JunkeyBot

Hello! After being in hibernation for the past seven months working on other projects I am happy to release the final demo to the new Character Edits +! I say demo here as right now Super Sonic is unfinished and is not at the same level of quality as the other characters. But by the end of competition week he may be finished.

I have completely remade this mod from the ground up with two key targets in mind. One, use only the original global palette. And two, add as many features from the original mod pack while making this with compatibility for other mods in mind.

This means that now this mod is compatible with all versions of the game on all platforms, and is compatible with many mods! These include all palette mods from other creators, most stage mods, UI mods, the Outta Here Restored mod, and mods that change the stage icons! However, this is NOT compatible with ANY of my other stuff (for now) as they were based on the old version of CE+ and its custom palettes.

All characters have been overhauled to make them match their appearances in promotional artwork and the new Sonic Superstars. This means that Sonic now has the buckles of his boots and the 3D head shape of modern depictions of the character, Tails is skinny, has the blue and black straps on his gloves and boots along with the extra tufts of fur on his chest, Knuckles has the grey soles on his boots finally, Mighty’s boots have been redrawn and his tail is completely black now, and Ray Looks more on model with new boots and more shades to his skin that are different from his fur. Every sprite has been edited (especially in the case of Sonic and Tails) to have a high level of quality and stay on model. The main difference with these sprites is the palette choice. They have been chosen specifically because of how they look underwater so now all characters use the same greys as Tails, and any inconsistencies with their boots and skin have been fixed. Even Metal Sonic has been redone to not only have the details from his CD appearance with the bolts on his face and the higher up stripes on his feet, but to also include the dark dramatic shading from his appearance in Knuckles’ Chaotix!

You can find a full list of what this mod changes to the base game here as it is too long to put here: Character Edits + Change List. But I’m sure if you keep a close eye on the game and know Mania well you will appreciate some of the changes without reading it.

You may notice that the custom super forms and additional mods are missing in this. This is because when this mod releases only the base game changes will be there, with the additional mods being remade for this new version over time. All larger changes such as the super forms will be made exclusively for the decomp version of the game moving forward.

I am also working with KiaraGale AKA Zoe the Fox to bring this mod pack into Sonic Mania Addendum as a built in feature, which is another major project you will see here!

There is also an additional download you can use that changes the palette for all characters to match the cover illustrations for Sonic Mania. It also fixes super Knuckles and super Tails' underwater palettes in CPZ! Since the new CE+ works with the original global palette, you can also use this with the base game!

Thanks for checking this out, and enjoy! When this mod is almost complete I will be sharing it on the REMS Discord for everyone to edit and add their own changes. Those picked will be added and credited for their efforts. More information when the time comes. Enjoy!

"This edits character so well, my family didn't recognise me!" - NeoKat, "I'm more partial to #202075 myself, but this will suffice." - MaybeGreg, "Man, it sure is nice being 45 Degree Engine Rotation. I sure do hope that nobody has an unfixed Full Engine Rotation!" - Missing Slot Burrotis Man, "Watered my crops and provided a bountiful harvest for the season!" - matriiiarch, "Character Edits Plus more like Sonic mania plus (laugh track)", RestGhost, "fixed that one pixel, game now playable" - Jackcool476, "Sonjchedgehog if he real" - maddiemaybe.


The credits listed here are for all features/changes used in this version of the mod. There used to be content created by others that were used on the older version(s) which you can find on the GameBanana page.

  • JunkeyBot - sprites, animations and palettes
  • Zoe the Fox - spindash, super Sonic sprites & dancing loading icon
  • SuperMario - dancing loading icon
  • KrustyKong - Sonic's shoe buckles
  • CartoonsAnimate22 - Sonic sprite reference
  • MaybeGreg - More super Sonic animations and buckles
  • Noob Modder13 - More super Sonic animations
  • SuperNova124 - Super Sonic animations
  • Spectorious - Consistent super Sonic
  • jooj11 - Tails CPZ cutscene
  • JoltGanda - better animals
  • Xtuart - Mighty sprites
  • RubberNugget - Robotnik & chibi Mighty sprites
  • PotterAndMatrixFan - Falling with style
  • Inspector Gadget - Chibi fall
  • someguyonline - Sonic Mania Plus Tweaks, Edits n' Fixes
  • Apollyon Woman - Pinball background fix
  • Deno - sprites
  • PotatoWaker - sprites
  • Flame/TheManiac - sprites

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Alpher @ 2023-10-27 09:27:53

This mod is actually awesome. The small details and overall edits are really nice and I don't see myself turning this off when playing mania. Only thing I didn't like was the changes to some of the shades used on Sonic. I just think the darker red on the skin and the lighter blue on the eyes work much better than what was chosen here.

Sonic14OFF @ 2023-11-15 04:33:29

o mod é muito bom, por conta das paletas do mod!

HarryMania @ 2023-11-26 03:52:51

XD the face of Ray in the last image, but the mod is so good