Sonic 2: West-Side Renovation

By ZachmanAwesomeness

Welcome back to West Side Island. Things have changed on this timely, scenic chunk of land, and my oh my, do I got a story to tell you my fellow comrade...


One bright sunny morning, exactly two years since he lost a certain magenta-colored paradoxal jewel to that blasted hedgehog, The evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik has returned to West SIde Island in his brand new Death Egg which just so happens to be powered by thorium rather than D-batteries. Remembering his most recent embarrassing defeat, Robotnik devises yet another outrageous scheme. He is suddenly interrupted by his two bots, Scratch and Grounder.

"You dopey nin-com-bots! Who told you it was a good idea to pollute my thinking space?!"

"We, uhh... you should tell him, Grounder."

"No, you tell him, cluck-a-tron!"

"Oh, don't be such a waltzing conveyor!"

"SILENCE!!!! Tell me what's going on or else I shall turn you both into can openers!"

"Well, your maliciousness, we just stole some special green goop from the oil factory."

"Yeah, and we're getting ready to blast the substance onto the island we're going to! BA HA HE HAAAAAA!"

"Well, let me see what this stuff looks like!"

Robotnik beams with delight upon the sight of this green goop the two bots mentioned.

"Yes, yes! This is the special chemical known as Uraniumous Terraformias. With the substance now in my possession, I shall go and test it out on the environment! Whatever happens to it, who knows! The sudden change in scenery will terminate Sonic for good! Haw haw haw haw haw haw!"

"Need any help?"

"NO! I want you guys to stay here. I will be right back!"

Robotnik flew toward various parts of the island, keeping a safe distance. He shoots the laser and the terrain changes in front of his very eyes!

"This ought to make things very challenging for that wretched hedgehog and stinky side-kick! My victory is inevitable... I'll have to give myself a promotion!"

After returning to his Death Egg, Robotnik assigns each of his badniks to various parts of the island. Coconuts, the janitorial monkey-bot, went up to see the evil genius, who was really mad.

"Ahh, Coconuts! Snooping as usual I see? You should've come here earlier! All my badniks have been assigned to different locations on my new take on West Side Island!"

"This is so unfair! You know I can't mop up the dungeon and be up here at the same time!"

"Well, you brainless wit, I'm sending you to the new Emerald Hills! Now take my drill car and capture Sonic!"

"I'll do my best, your evilness..."

As fate would have it, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles decided to spend a vacation at West Side Island. When they arrive, Tails immediately notices that something is amiss.

"What's going on here?! I don't remember those trees being here the last time I was on this island. What's that mountain doing over there? What's that buzzer doing to those bridges, and why is there a loop and corkscrew directly straight ahead from where I'm standing?! And I don't remember that boardwalk-heavy coastal region or those rocky gorges being over there-- AAH!"

"Woah there, little bro! That snail bot almost ran into you! This terraform transformation is really messing with my head."

"Oh no, it's starting to happen! West Side Island is in danger."

"Do you think this could be the work of Robotnik?"

"I already know this was caused by that egg-head! In my standards, that's no good!"

"We need to stop Robotnik right now!"

"He still owes me big time for stealing my giant emerald all these years ago!"

"You're right, guys! Let's juice! We're up, over and gone!"

And so the stage is set. Foil Robotnik's "fool-proof" terraforming scheme on the very same island Sonic met his sidekick!


Westside Renovation stars Sonic and his friends as they stop Dr. Robotnik and his malicious goons' terraformation scheme. Run through mountainous hills, wade in precarious platforming, and explore the island to discover new secrets! Every single level in the game has been given pretty rad color palette swaps. Not only that, this terraformation scheme affected nearly every level as well with a couple exceptions.

Emerald Hill simply takes place at night, big whoop. However, the occasional evening run is always nice to have. I would watch out for those buzzers near some bridges if I were you. Some of them are now capable of turning them into charcoal.

Chemical Plant receives its Encore palette from Sonic Mania, but has colors from the Nick Arcade prototype background as a supplement. Watch out for chemical spheres spinning in mid-air, avoid the burning machinery and most of all, don't get caught under any bots that happen to dispense something!

Aquatic Ruin has really warmed up to you as 4am hits. The standard fare has gotten a slight difficulty increase. Even Grounder made little clones of himself! Just be careful when traveling underwater. If you're the exploring type, a rather nature-friendly surprise awaits you somewhere near the end of Act 2. It's so relaxing, it may as well be worth seeing where that newly dug hole leads to.

Casino Night reverts to a pink color scheme as the crack of dawn strikes, and there are some new bits and bobs around due to this terraformation scheme. Don't waste time on those slots!

Hill Top takes place at sunrise and restores the Nick Arcade prototype layout alongside some new additions! At some parts you might actually be able to avoid going into one giant cave! In addition, Sonic can now enter the lowermost cave route in Act 1, but he may have to damage-boost in order to make it out alive.

Mystic Cave has gotten a pretty cheesy makeover. While Act 1 is entirely different, Act 2's layout remains the same on purpose, but has one major difference... the deleted uppermost route, originally from the Simon Wai prototype, is now restored and is fully functional. In case you're wondering, yes, the long drop to Hidden Palace still works. Don't believe me? Try it out!

Hidden Palace opts for a lavender color scheme and features a swanky new layout that may as well be a second act for Hidden Palace! That incomplete version, only accessible by entering a separate code after activating debug mode in the sound test menu has been updated to actually make it look beatable as well. The layout may look familiar to you, however...

Oil Ocean takes place during the day, and I strongly, do not recommend touching oil with a fire shield nor let any Sol badniks drop any of their fireballs on the oil. Seriously, that sounds very destructive. Hidden far above the initial spawn in Act 1, get catapulted from out of a cannon to a level that never made it to the final release of Sonic 2, nor the remake of Sonic CD, and only saw the light of day in Sonic Mania. The Casino Night 2-player track is now the zone's main background music as its regular music is now used by a more fitting level. More on that in the next section.

Metropolis gets a red-gray color scheme which not only refers to the concept art for the zone, but also representing all the rage players experienced while in one of the most difficult, challenging, kaizo-esque levels in 2D Sonic history. The layout from the Simon Wai prototype is restored, and the overall difficulty has been very slightly decreased to make it a wee bit more fair for everyone.

Sky Chase and Wing Fortress both take place at night. Big whoop! What's different? While the former hasn't changed too much, the latter opts for a dark-green color scheme. You can now take revenge on the ship that burned a jungle in Angel Island!

Death Egg is heavily coated with Uraniumous Terraformias and his old battle station has been rotting for a long time. Rings are provided this time around, so the two boss fights are now fair and balanced.

The Half-Pipes have their prototype color schemes restored, though the overall pipe and object layouts possess a slightly more challenging approach. Can you earn all the emeralds without getting dizzy? The emeralds' order of color appearance has been changed to how they were laid out in the CENSOR/Beta 4 prototype.


A handful of new levels have been added for this mod and there are more to come, as I plan to add all of the deleted levels in the complete version. Yes, you'll even see ones that never made it out of the concept stage, alongside a couple extra ones too. Here are a list of them so far and how to access these slightly challenging levels.

Wood is a jungle-themed zone filled with pretty precarious platforming. The demolition process seems to unfortunately have started on something rather crazy. This level can be accessed near the end of Aquatic Ruin Act 2 near the end, where a mysterious hole has been made! Do you dare see what's down there?

Mirage Saloon is a desert level that is located next to Oil Ocean geographically. This rocky, sandy course requires you to put your pedal to the metal. This level can be accessed just above the starting point of Oil Ocean Act 1. Just climb up to the top route, take a short ball cannon sequence. After that, find an elevator above you and once it stops, go left. You will find a lone cannon that shoots you into the sky. Think of the transition from Mirage Saloon to Oil Ocean, except this time you're going back the way you came. Strange, isn't it? The main background music from Oil Ocean Zone is now the background music for this zone. This reflects the Simon Wai prototype of Sonic 2, where the OOZ music is an unused track. In the same prototype, Oil Ocean itself uses what would become the Casino Night 2-player theme in the final game.

  • Sand Shower Zone artwork originally made for Sonic 2: Pink Edition, made by E-122 PSI
    • Converted to RSDK by MainMemory
  • Wood Zone artwork from the Simon Wai prototype of Sonic 2, converted to RSDK by Twanvanb1
  • All opponents in place of Eggman for different boss battles are from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
  • All music is taken straight from the Sonic 2 Simon Wai prototype with some exceptions...
    • The extra life music is from Sonic 1 8-bit FM by Valleybell
    • The Game Over + Continue music is from the Sonic 3 prototype
    • The title screen + act clear music is from the Sonic 1 prototype
    • The credits theme is based on the Sept. 14th prototype but due to how similar it sounds to retail I changed it up a bit.
    • The mobile menu intro song remains unchanged but I've simply added the ever so iconic funny Robotnik line from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog at the end.
    • Mystic Cave's BGM is its own thing but I found a version without the "vocals" and added a Sonic 1 beta drum track over it.
    • The unused track (only heard in Proto Palace) has the PSG heard clearly.
    • Casino Night 2P's BGM is identical to retail, so I added the Sonic 1 beta drums to it.
  • All SFX mainly came from the Simon Wai prototype with some from other Sonic 2 prototypes, SegaSonic Bros, Sonic 1 8-bit, Sonic CD beta, and Sonic Mania into the mix.
  • Sonic 3 Mania Style HUD: Life Icons by DogeMayo via The Spriters Resource
  • Sonic 3 Improved Sign-Post Graphic for Knuckles by Devy via The Spriters Resource
  • Sonic 2 Expanded Monitors by Techokami via The Spriters Resource
  • Sonic 1 Expanded Sprites by Rosabelle via The Spriters Resource
  • Chaotix stuff ripped and remastered by Doc Melonhead & Dolphman via The Spriters Resource
  • Misc Items & Objects by Dolphman via The Spriters Resource
  • SonLVL-RSDK by MainMemory
  • Special Thanks to Twanvanb1 and Lave slime for scripting assistance on adding the new zones, transitions to them, etc.

File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 37.95 MB

gabryyyy @ 2023-10-23 05:46:58

This mod is for what game ? (I'm Brazilian)

FlipeTheBased @ 2023-10-23 07:02:36

Sonic 2 2013

Sonicfan101 @ 2023-11-13 06:15:41

It's the decompilation version

Not the original play store version

ZachmanAwesomeness @ 2023-11-24 13:12:57

Sonic 2 (2013) PC Decompilation, yes.

Eeveelover64 @ 2023-10-23 16:36:16

ok so this mod is kinda "meh" the level design isn't all that good imo, there's a section in cpz1 where i got soft-locked due to the rising platforms and the section in question being too small to unload them since the speed launcher in that section made me go backwards whn getting to the rising platforms. though i'll admit, the wood zone secret is pretty clever

ZachmanAwesomeness @ 2023-10-25 14:16:45

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it! That softlock may have been just a faulty design choice of mine. I'll fix that next update. The Wood Zone allows to skip Casino Night and if you checked out Mirage Saloon (the desert level accessed from Oil Ocean), you'd skip Metropolis. Those skips were delibirate and intentional.

ShadowMouse67z @ 2023-10-26 02:10:27

Can you please provide instal instructions

ZachmanAwesomeness @ 2023-10-27 08:28:53

Just ensure you have the current version of Sonic 1 & 2's scripts and the RSDK version is 1.3.1 or higher, place the mod in the "mods" folder, itself located in the root decomp, ensure the decomp itself is in a separate folder of its own inside the root of your main drive and you should be good to go.

ZachmanAwesomeness @ 2023-10-29 07:25:59


Make absolute sure that you are using the latest version of the Sonic 1 & 2 decompilation (v1.3.2) prior to running this mod and also ensure your Sonic 1 & 2 scripts are up to date! Thank you for your time.

JVTH2418 @ 2023-11-12 14:36:33

Nice work! i like the re use of beta things!

ZachmanAwesomeness @ 2023-11-24 13:13:35

Thanks! There will be more to come in future updates, such as new levels and maybe some originals in the mix, who knows?

Sonicfan101 @ 2023-11-13 06:14:59

It's alright, but improvements can be mad

Such as the soundtrack

ZachmanAwesomeness @ 2023-11-24 13:15:47

While I've delibirately used the music from various Sonic game prototypes as a base... I can, in a future update, make a version with the unmodified, retail/vanilla Sonic 2 music intact.