Klonoa Gameplay Mod

By Sora-yx

Sonic Adventure DX - Klonoa Gameplay Mod


Wahoo! Rupurudu!

This is a SADX mod for the PC version that replaces Sonic with Klonoa from Lunatea's Veil (PS2). This isn't a simple character skin, this ports the original Klonoa model with his original skeleton and animations. It also implements Klonoa abilities such as wind bullet, enemy capture and super jump. Some objects (like rings and checkpoints) are also replaced with their Klonoa counterpart. There is also a custom HUD and HP system (hearts) manually recreated from the Klonoa remaster assets. Note that everything, but the Klonoa model can be disabled in the mod settings. So if you just want a simple character skin, that is possible. If you want everything but the Klonoa objects, it is also possible.


This is very different from regular characters replacement, the original Sonic model isn't edited at any point. What this mod does instead is it hacks the function that renders Sonic and tells the game to draw Klonoa instead.

  • This is done with custom C++ code which is injected through the SADX Mod Loader.
  • Klonoa is loaded from an external model that got converted to the Sonic Adventure format with the SA Blender addon as well as his animations.
  • This is similar to what the SA2 Sonic Mod does.

Special thanks to Entriphy for ripping Klonoa models and anims and uploading all of them, this project couldn't exist otherwise.This mod took a lot of work, I had to replace every animations, otherwise the game would have crashed eventually. Obviously Klonoa doesn't have a counterpart for all of them, so I ended using a trick: When the mod is loaded, all the missing animations are replaced with a falling animation as a failsafe.

Adding all the custom abilities also took a lot of efforts to make everything working properly, not to mention all the fixes that I had to code to make Klonoa work in pretty much every situation. As you can imagine, SADX was never planned to have a character that can grab enemies and throw them.


  • Klonoa playable with his original animations!
  • Hover ability: while jumping, hold A to hover for a bit, this is similar to Knuckles glide but with a much shorter duration time.
  • Capture enemy: (press the action button close enough from an enemy to capture them, this also works on character fight.)
  • Throw enemy: press the action button to throw an enemy and damage the other ones (including bosses.)
  • Super Jump: while holding an enemy, press jump twice to do a Super Jump. Wahoo!
  • Bosses fight have been edited to be beatable in a Klonoa style.
  • Super Klonoa
  • Fly mode: While in super form, press jump twice to trigger fly mode.
  • Replace common objects with their Klonoa counterpart (optional).
  • Custom HUD with HP system (hearts) instead of rings (optional).

Installation and Requirement

  1. Download the mod
  2. Extract the folder contained in the archive into the "mods" folder at the root of your game.
  3. If you do not have a "mods" folder, download the mod loader.
  4. Make sure you have the vc++ dependencies installed.
  5. Launch the Mod Manager and enable "Klonoa Gameplay".
  6. (optional) Use the "configure" button in the Mod Manager to tweak the mod's configuration.
  7. (optional) Since Klonoa cannot charge a Light Spin Dash, I recommend using New Tricks to have the instant light dash, you can beat the game without it, but it makes the experience easier.
  • Make sure to disable Sonic in the Dreamcast Character mods / DX Refined. Also worth to note that if you want Klonoa to show up on the tornado, you have to disable Sky Chase in Dreamcast Characters settings.
  • If you have Dreamcast Converison Mod and / or HD Gui, make sure that Klonoa mod is loaded below them so the GUI will work properly.
  • If you struggle to beat a specific boss with the enemy throw concept, reminder that you can still jump on the boss directly.

Known bugs:

- Klonoa doesn't translate properly on the snowboard

- Sometimes Klonoa's tail doesn't render properly.

Have fun.

  • Sora - Author / Programmer of the mod
  • Namco - Made Klonoa 2
  • Sega / Sonic Team - Editor and Developer of Sonic Adventure
  • Entriphy - Ripped and Uploaded Klonoa 2 models and anims
  • Kell - Many help with Chunk Models, fixed an interpolation issue with animations in SADX that helped making this mod possible.
  • Justin113D - Author of the SA Blender Addon, used here to export Klonoa models and Anims to the Sonic Adventure format
  • ItsEasyActually - Fixed some issues with the SA Blender Addon, allowing this mod to work properly
  • Meta Warp - Ripped Klonoa Heroes assets (Life Icon)
  • MainMemory - Some custom code from SA2 Sonic mod got re used here to draw Klonoa properly
  • SoloSlacker - Made some GUI and Textures for the mod, such as Klonoa name on Character Select menu and Super Klonoa textures
  • Chao_chap - Made some custom animations for Klonoa
  • Jesus_PK - Made the 3D Life Icon of Klonoa

File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 29.8 MB