Tree Tops

By ecksdii

The infamous Beast Makers stage from Spyro the Dragon returns as a fresh new Open Zone!

Featuring a variety of Guardians to fight, Challenges to complete and 3 Cyber Space stages to put your exploration and speedrunning skills to the test.

Reach never-before-seen heights with Ramp Launching!

Notoriously difficult launches from the original can now be performed with ease by flinging off ramps and slopes.

Obtain the power of the Spin Dash!

Achieve a high score in Action Chain Challenges to unlock the classic Sonic move.

Collect and listen to classic Spyro tunes!

Find all the Music Memories to a unlock a selection of tracks from the original game.


Other features:

- a Boss Rush stage,

- an option to swap between the original PSX music and the music from Spyro Reignited Trilogy,

- an option to select the original Sonic Frontiers music for the Cyber Space stages (totally wasn't an excuse for me to listen to 1-2 while working on stages, though others use more appropriate tracks).


This mod changes several aspects of the base game:

- lowers the delay between Homing Attacks,

- always respawns Enemies and Guardians in the Open Zone,

- disables Guardian Introductions,

- disables Jump Board paths which makes them function like regular ramps,

- enables Air Tricks and Flinging in Cyber Space stages.


Known issues:

- Having Ambient Occlusion enabled can cause some screen artifacting,

- Hint Rings in the Open Zone do not respawn after a certain time (dying or reloading the save brings them back for one use),

- The autosave system doesn't save your current position unless it's next to a Cyber Space portal or an Action Chain Challenge, or above a certain height (this happens in the unmodded game, so it doesn't make an autosave of Sonic endlessly falling into the ocean),

- Shinobi wanders around its arena before the fight instead of staying in place,

- Triggering Shinobi will sometimes prevent you from entering the 4-4 Portal until you move far enough away from it (same can happen with Bubble for a few seconds),

- There's some volume inconsistency with the Jukebox music (affects both Soundtrack options),

- Sometimes the "Activate the Switches" tutorial text disappears upon reloading a Save,

- Sometimes it's unclear whether all switches have been activated in the Cyber Space stages (1-3 has a camera that activates when finding all switches),

- Rings flicker at a distance.


The mod is compatible with many HedgeModManager physics codes and movement enhancer mods, but it is recommended to play this mod without them.

It is also recommended to play this mod with Jump Deceleration set to a really low value like 0% in the in-game settings.





  • ecksdii - main developer, level importing, lua scripting, object layouts, ui/text changes
  • Kwasior - co-developer, model editing, cri_awb_tool, cri_utf_tool, he_anim_tool, playtesting and feedback

Code/Tool makers:

  • CodenameGamma - Cheat Engine cheat table
  • Dario - SonicGLVL
  • HyperBE32 - HedgeModManager codes, RFL2HMM
  • Kly_Men_COmpany - SpyroWorldEditor
  • Knuxfan24 - KnuxLib/KnuxTools, for making Ninjabread Land which in turn inspired this mod
  • MainMemory - GenArcEd
  • nickworonekin - PuyoTextEditor
  • Radfordhound - HedgeLib (HedgeEdit, HedgeSet), UnleashedSetToFrontiers (also made by Sonen10)
  • Sajid - VGAudio.Wpf
  • Skyth - btmesh, ModelConverter, RflTemplates, SonicAudioTools (used in earlier versions)
  • WasifBoomz - HedgeModManager codes


  • Blur - purple water enthusiast
  • Beatz
  • ĐeäTh
  • liquifiedpizzas
  • spoon Scribble
  • WamWooWam

And of course:

  • Insomniac Games - for making the original Spyro the Dragon PSX game
  • Toys for Bob - for making Spyro Reignited Trilogy

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[url=]Watch the mod trailer here[/url]

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NOTE: Make sure the "Disable Tutorial Messages" code is disabled in HedgeModManager, and that "Goal Display" is enabled in your graphics settings to see the Hub objectives.

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