Sonic Mania JAM

By jackelzxa

Sonic Mania JAM is a Full Overhaul Improvement Mod for Sonic Mania Plus!

Why'd I call it Sonic Mania JAM? Because I JAM PACKED in a ton of changes to improve the game! (Also because Sonic JAM was cool)

  1. Give the Hard Boiled Heavies a bigger role in the game!
  2. Add cameos for Amy Rose and The Chaotix!!
  3. Make Encore Mode more unique from Mania Mode!!
  4. Improve Ray's Sprite to match the quality of the other characters.

This mod modifies Bosses, Stage Art, Stage Layouts, Music, and Sprites. It also restores Prototype Elements to Encore Mode.

General Mod Changes:

  • Ray's Sprites are Redrawn to improve the Quality of his Animations, Expressions, and better reflect his Size compared to the other characters. His Spin Dash even shows His Tail, now! (This sprite took me a LONG time to get right)
  • The Hard Boiled Heavies now pilot FIVE of Eggman's Mechs. Eggman still shows up for other boss fights and stage appearances, but now the entire HBH Squad will hound Sonic & his Friends throughout more of the game.
    • Weather Magician is the boss of Studiopolis Zone Act 2 (Mania Mode Only!!)
    • Spider Gunner is the boss of Flying Battery Zone Act 2
    • Laundro King is the boss of Hydro City Zone Act 2
    • Mega Octus Rider is the boss of Oil Ocean Zone Act 2
    • Shinobi Pistons Mk.II is the boss of Metallic Madness Zone Act 1
  • Vector Replaces Bark in Mirage Saloon Zone Acts 1 & 2. (This is a custom sprite updated to match the Mania art style. Bark's sprite quality never looked right to me next to Bean and Fang, so this was one of the first things I changed)
  • Bark and Bean's Wanted Posters were replaced with custom posters for Amy (MISSING, where could she be?) and Espio (WANTED, probably for the murder of Sonic the Hedgehog...?)
  • Gachapandora is now Automatically Piloted, but the last capsule contains an imprisoned Amy Rose?? (NOTE: Amy Mania is NOT compatible with Sonic Mania JAM)
  • Mighty and Ray's Mania Mode Ending Cutscenes have been modified to account for & Knuckles games. Knuckles (and Tails) will now join them in their endings!
  • Prototype Jugglesaw has been restored to Press Garden Zone Act 1. (Normal Jugglesaw still shows up in Act 2)
  • D.A. Garden features several Vaporwave Songs that are otherwise unused in the rest of the Mod.
  • Puyo Puyo Extras Menu Minigame plays: MBM Boss - Vaporwave Version

Encore Mode Exclusive Changes:

  • Vaporwave Songs are now played during most of Encore Mode instead of the Regular OST.
  • Charmy Bee can be found somewhere in Green Hill Zone! (Hint: Try looking for him in a place only Mighty can reach!)
  • Wrecking Balls have been added around Green Hill Zone Acts 1 and 2.
    • You can push these, walk on them, or use them against enemies...but don't get crushed!
  • Studiopolis Zone Act 2 has had it's layout altered to correct for alot of bugs and crashes.
    • Gallop Machines have been replaced with additional Special Stage Rings. (Note: Gallop Machines still show up in Mania Mode SPZ2 and function properly!)
    • The Love Tester has been restored! (Only Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles should be able to reach it's hidden location)
    • The Prototype TV Screen has been recreated! (Hint: It's not located in the Boss Room, try looking around the middle of the stage for it)
    • The Background has been replaced with the Prototype Version and Wires have been untangled.
  • Egg Janken replaces Weather Magician as the Boss of this Act. (His Crush Attack now works properly)
    • New Boss Song: Egg Reverie Zone - Vaporwave Version
  • Press Garden Zone has had it's Printing Press Objects reintegrated in place of the Carousel Objects. (The Ink Color mechanic was NOT implimented)
    • Press Garden Zone has been renamed to Pulp Solstice Zone. (Note: This doesn't effect Time Attack Mode or the Encore Mode Menu)
    • The Background has been modified to resemble the Pulp Solstice Zone Prototype Screenshot.
    • Prototype Woodrow has been added to Act 1. (Normal Woodrow still shows up in Act 2)
  • Stardust Speedway Zone's Boss Act has been extended to match the Launch Version of Sonic Mania. (Note: The Spike Wall doesn't move and a Spinner Tunnel was added to account for how the cutscenes work)
  • Prototype Background Embers Effect has been integrated into Lava Reef Zone Act 1. (Hint: Don't forget that you can fight either Heavy King (Left Exit) or Heavy Rider (Right Exit) at the end of Act 2!)
  • Drillerdroid has been replaced with the Prototype Version (Warning: He can squish characters to knock them out of your team, he's much harder than the Normal Version!)
    • New Boss Song: Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1 ST - Vaporwave Version
  • Titanic Monarch Zone's Boss Act has had most of its Rings removed to make it harder. (Note: You keep the Rings you Enter with, but cannot collect any more Rings until Phantom Rider's Racetrack)
    • Phantom Egg now functions closer to how the Launch Version of the Boss Fight worked.
    • New Boss Song: Egg Reverie Zone Pinch Mode - Vaporwave Version
      • Warning: Pressing the Switch Partner Button during Phantom Rider's Racetrack will CRASH the Game. (This also happens in the Vanilla Version of the game)
  • The Good Ending has been modified to include Amy Rose, who has Dynamic Animations that react to the Team you beat Phantom Egg with!
    • Bean and Bark's Wanted Posters have been moved to Heavy King's Bar, as well as a Prototype Ball Hog PiƱata.

Other Bug Fixes and Minor Changes:

  • Super Mighty's Pallet should no longer break his sprite and create black spots all over him.
  • The Power Ups at the end of Studiopolis Zone Act 2 in Mania Mode have been altered to prevent the bug where the Boss's Music would cut out when the Power Ups expired.
  • Many changes to stage layouts were made to account for bugs and crashes that occured while restoring content to Encore Mode.

Note: This is NOT a decomp mod. This is made to be used with the Sonic Mania Mod Loader. This mod is not compatible with alot of mods because of how many files it changes!

  • Unused Bosses Restored
    • CodenameGamma
  • Proper Vape Mode
    • M&M
  • Amy Mania Sprites
    • Troopsushi
    • JunkeyBot
    • Wiztoad
  • Small Ray Sprite
    • vexer1
  • Fixed Super Mighty Pallet
    • Batman Sonic
    • orobas
  • Mean Bean Mighty Fixes
    • Minka Cola
    • t0ms0nic
  • Early Studiopolis Act 2 Background Restoration
    • Cyber 1204
    • Joe Weigman
  • Restored LRZ Embers
    • Joltganda

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File Size: 73.03 MB

Glitchy8 @ 2023-10-24 11:26:26

I want to note that Ray is actually not short. He is about the size of Sonic actually/ You can see that he is about the same height as Sonic in SegaSonic the Hedgehog for example.I just wanted to tell you about that misconception.

Last modified by Glitchy8 @ 2023-10-24 11:30:15

jackelzxa @ 2023-10-24 18:59:30

@Glitchy8 One of the problems I had was that Mania's Ray sprite made him *too big*, his head was larger than anyone else's. I figured shooting for a middle ground between Sonic & Tails would end up in a good spot. Kind of shooting for his height compared to the others in Sonic Mania Adventures and his ending for Mania Mode. :<

Glitchy8 @ 2023-10-25 12:16:49

Regardless, I do feel like the sprites are too short, but thanks for giving your insight on that

XyloIvan @ 2023-11-16 11:26:08

Comment deleted by XyloIvan @ 2023-11-16 11:29:16