Sonic Unleashed: Reimagined

By Starlight

Sonic Unleashed: Reimagined 3.0.0 for Xenia emulator ONLY.

This mod was in last years SHC but has seen a LOT of work since 2022. First I will outline what has changed.

  • Added Sunset Sands (A sandy style version of Jungle Joyride).
  • Added New Yoke City (A Sonic Prime style Empire City).
  • Added Rooftop Ruins over Rooftop Resort.
  • Added Dragon Desert over Dragon Road.
  • Added Dragon Dusk DX & OG variants (from Generations).
  • Reimagined all night stages, which were previously untouched in 1.0.0.
  • Updated Tornado Defence act 1 to match its Generations version.
  • Overhauled the character switching system.
  • Added Night stage & Dark Gaia Phase 2 character swapping.
  • Added Unwiished Werehog, Chaos, Knuckles, Nightmare & Deep Nightmare.
  • Added G-Metal Sonic for United Federation.
  • Added Hyper Sonic over Super Sonic as a toggleable option for Dark Gaia phase 2.
  • Character support for all stages.
  • Updated the textures for multiple stages, now all hubs also reflect their stages.
  • Updated the world map & world map GUI.
  • Fixed random wall crash events after swapping to and from Unwiished Sonic.
  • Fixed many misc bugs and asset mismatches.

Images are only representative of newest content in order to keep things fresh in game.

General description of the mod:

Sonic Unleashed: Reimagined overhauls every stage with reimagined stage themes and adds 11 new characters between day and night stages, a boss rush mode and restores beta set layouts for act 1 stages as 1-3 variants.

Day & Night character swaps are independant of each other, mix and match as you please. A video linked below shows you how to do so.

Feedback from SHC2022 was taken, the mod is optimised as can be in most files, some have a bit of a generous size but that will be resolved once this hits GameBanana.

You will NEED Unleashed Mod Manager 1.12 to play this mod, the install times may take 1-5 minutes, but this can be a one time thing if you untick "uninstall mods automatically" in the UMM settings.


Team Encore

Silver & Metal Sonics Voice, Added some WorldMap Preview Images, Added Some loading Screen images, Made the loading screens. Added DLC AIO Support, Implemented many systems with the help of Gordon. Made both the US & JP logos, Implemented various SFD's, Applied boost fx to each new BGM, Made various worldmap flags, Character GUI variants, Knuckles GUI (Beta GUI).

Silver, Metal Sonic, Orbot over SA-55, Physics edits. Gens & Enemy lock-on. Added various music tracks, Helped with the loading screens, Made the Dreamcast buttons, Shadow wallrunning animation, Amy import & particles, Metal Sonic import & particles, City Escape help.

Worldmap & General messages fco editing, intro to boss cutscenes restoration.


Character Swapping system implementation, Added EX Stage scripts, Taught us a lot about Unleashed's XML system, Wall Crash.

Ordinary GP

Added some WorldMap Preview Images, Added Some loading Screen images


YNCP, Graphic Design, HUD elements for Daytime characters, Werehog HUD, Reimagined font.


Shadow Model & anims, Blaze, Unwiished Sonic. Super Sonic model & Life Icon.

Previous help with HedgeGI, Shadow voice lines & footstep FX.


Shadow voice lines.

Dragon Dusk DX lighting, Lighting help, Loading Screen scanline image, Team Encore logo, Redux support tie in, City Escape help.


Chip Bracelet model.


Made the animated version of the Team Encore Logo.


Helped with the Reimagined text in the logo.

Sonic Terminal

Helped with the Sonic text in the logo, Sonic Unleahsed: Encore v1 Logo.

Average Burgerboy

Made the flp for Boost FX of all music used in Reimagined, Made the world map space background, Made the Empire City, Chun-Nan & Adabat flag seen in the Reimagined GUI.

Allowed the use of Remastered UI as a base for UI elements in Reimagined, Allowed me to use the medal half of SU-Deleveled as a base. Imported music.

Shadow, Blaze, Silver, Metal Sonic, Amy & Knuckles Icons, Unleashedifying them.


Some screenshots, Unwiished Sonic Voice lines.


Fixed the Spinner materials in NY.


Knuckles modelling & rigging, music suggestions & voice help for Amy & Knuckles.

Encore Sonic, Metal Sonic materials.

Created restorable missing EUC textures.


G.U.N Metal Sonic textures.


Nightmare & Deep Nightmare model imports from their mod.


Rooftop Ruins, Dragon Desert, Dragon Dusk D Act 1-5, Seaside Joyride D 2-3 Lighting, Rooftop Resort D&N Act 1-5, Windmill Isle D Act 1&3 Textures Lighting, Camelot Isle D&N Act 1-5 Textures & 2-5 Lighting, United Federation D Act 2 Lighting, Shattered Earth D&N Texture Help & D Act 1-3 Lighting, Death Egg Textures, Metallic Madness Textures & Lighting, Tornado Defence Act 1 Lighting, Cool Edge Textures. (2.0.0: United Federation Act 1 N, Camelot Isle Act 1 N, Windmill Isle Act 1 N, Dragon Road Act 1 N).

Seaside Joyride D&N Textures, Windmill Isle D Act 2 Lighting, Camelot Isle Act D&N Act 1-5 Textures & Act 1 Lighting, United Federation D Act 1-3 Lighting, Death Egg Textures & Lighting.

Ordinary GP - Shattered Earth D&N Textures.

Special Thanks

Cheeto McYeeto - Shadow lock on cursor.

pikablob - Images seen in the Spagonia banners & possible worldmap.

XenokoYT - SEGA Intro video.

Credit for tools used

HedgeGI, SkythTools.

Dario - LibGens Sonicglvl 0.5.7 & 0.9.0.

Knuxfan24 - Sonic Unleashed ArcInfo to JSON tool.


Sonic Guitars - Jungle Joyride musical cover, Super Sonic vs Dark Gaia, Cool Edge Night.

Average Burgerboy - Boost Filter, Werehog Battle Remix V2, Werehog Mini Boss Music.

Silent Dreams - SATBK-Deep Woods Remix, SATBK-Molten Mine Remix, Dark Gaia Phase 1 Remix + Guitars.

SEGA / Sonic

SATBK-Deep Woods, SLW-Dragon Dance, SATBK-Molten Mine, SG-Radical Highway Act 1, S4/YT-Splash Hill Zone Medly, SF-Eggmans Facility, SG-Back 2 Back Act 1&2, SA1/SA2/SATBK-Theme of Knuckles, Symphony-Endless Possibilities & Sonic Unleashed Medly, SG-Egg Emporer, SG-Big Arms, 06-Dreams of an Absolution, 06-All Hail Shadow, SF-Battle with Metal Sonic, SA1-Theme of Amy, SR-Meeting with Blaze.

Gravity Rush 2 - Pleajeune Entertainment District.

Yakuza 4 - Fang Masked Viper.

Skullgirls 2nd Encore - Unfinished Business.


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File Size: 3.66 GB

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