Soleanna Ocean Revamped

By SuperSonicThomas

IMPORTANT: The following are required:

  • Reimagined Physics
  • Enable the 360 Degree Movement code in HedgeModManager
  • Turn on voices, hints, and radio for the full experience.

This is a revamp of my Soleanna Ocean (Wave Ocean) mod. Looking back at this mod I wasn't happy with it. Mainly the amount of automation and with the water having collision I had to use fall triggers on it the acommodate for it. Then I found a way to remove the water collision so it wouldn't be an issue. I thought about just patching the mod and leave it as it is, but I decided to revamp mod with better presentation, fixes, and new details like characters throughout the stages indicating the they accompany you during the story.

This mod includes 4 stages:

  • Wave Ocean (Sonic)
  • Water's Edge (Avatar)
  • Seaside Battlefield (Tag)
  • The Inlet (Episode Shadow)

Wave Ocean is of course Sonic's Wave Ocean from the original game. Though it's more focus on speed and minimal platforming.

Water's Edge is Tails's Wave Ocean so with the Avatar there's more room for platforming and minimal speed.

Seaside Battlefield is based on the very hard difficulty layout, focusing platforming and short sections of combat.

The Inlet is Shadow's Wave Ocean. (You need to have Episode Shadow to play this stage) Just like Sonic, this stage focuses on speed and platforming.

Hope you enjoy.

  • Layouts by SuperSonicThomas
  • GensToForces by PTKickass, Orca gismo by senorDane

File Type: rom/rar

File Size: 705.31 MB