By techncolour

S3AIR: VISIONS & DREAMS is a collection of two fully custom boss fights based on R.V. Pine's DELTARUNE: Vision Crew & DELTARUNE: Dreams of Spaghetti and Stars. Crafted with the help of R.V. Pine themselves, these are primarily difficult fights meant for bullet hell players, but are still easy enough to understand for everyone to get enjoyment out of them regardless of skill.

There are two boss fights. One against Camellia, a lost and lonely camcorder, and one against the heroic Sheriff Timber and the parasitic FRIEND controlling his every move. Their respective episodes are dubbed "CREATIVE FREEDOM" & "THE FRIEND INSIDE ME", named after their respective music tracks.

  • CREATIVE FREEDOM takes place in the elusive Reel Road, an abandoned train station turned abandoned TV set for the now cancelled morning show. The place is in pretty bad shape, being very unclean and uncared for, with only some of the cameras and lights still working.
  • THE FREIND INSIDE ME takes place in the lively Butterdust Cowtown, a thriving mint condition western set located amongst the farthest reaches of Homeworld. A quiet little town that smells of the delightful scent of spaghetti and also houses some very eccentric denizens.

This mod approaches its boss design with being built around a very special gimmick - the Back Shield. Using the Back Shield, blue bullets can be blocked, and yellow bullets can be blocked by quickly switching directions while they orbit around you.

You also may remember this mod as "S3AIR: CREATIVE FREEDOM", which was an earlier version with only Camellia's bossfight that released earlier this year, albiet with older and outdated graphics. VISIONS & DREAMS is now the definitive way to play this fight, as the visual options can be changed back to the older look for those who prefer it. If you had installed S3AIR: CREATIVE FREEDOM when it came out, please remove it in favour of VISIONS & DREAMS as there is no point to having both. Medals from CREATIVE FREEDOM will carry over to VISIONS & DREAMS.

Extra Slot Project is fully compatible with VISIONS & DREAMS! Just make sure VISIONS & DREAMS is at the very top of the mod list to function properly.


techncolour - Mod creator and lead developer, Sprite Artist

R.V. Pine - Creative assistance, DELTARUNE: Vision Crew, DELTARUNE: Dreams Of Spaghetti And Stars, original tracks, Camellia, Sheriff Timber & FRIEND character designs, trailer music

Dynamic Lemons - Programming assistance, Testing, QA

HazelSpooder - Sonic Hacking Contest screen programming assistance

RattPoizon - CREATIVE FREEDOM Sprite Artist

bennascar - New Camellia sprites

iCloudius - Testing, QA & Menu programming assistance

MrkySpices - CREATIVE FREEDOM Reel Road arena concept

Beruki - Reel Road arena concept

MintySilvisVA - Camellia Voice Acting

Benkoopa - Sheriff Timber Voice Acting

DarthGeorge43 - Bits n' Pieces intro SFX

Kamstead - HQ Logo

LunarCryptik - "Bad Memory (V&D Mix)" & "Foreign Broadcast (V&D Mix)"

Misfire - "Technical Difficulties (V&D Mix)" & "Faint Courage (V&D Mix)"


Fantasyck - "CREATIVE FREEDOM (RoA Mix)"Vert - "THE FRIEND INSIDE ME (EX Remix)"

MiaCDi - Small title card font


File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 102.94 MB

Dominic @ 2023-10-27 10:15:28

Amazing! This a good custom boss.

Eeveelover64 @ 2023-10-27 15:15:27

holy fuck this mod is AMAZING! i LOVE the fact you managed to code in a deltarune-like boss into sonic 3 air, such an amazing mod deltarune is an awesome game so i recommend everyone who's played undertale/deltarune play this

System_Error_Insane_Freddy @ 2023-10-29 14:46:48

So, I am on the mod conflict screen after pressing a certain button 100 times and wait for the audio to play, but after it's dome I get a script error?

JustGamer @ 2023-11-05 03:45:49

It also says you need to put this mod higher for the mod to work

techncolour @ 2023-12-06 12:19:19

the script error is intentional, it calls an assert false at line 666

techncolour @ 2023-12-06 12:20:01

im just more surprised that someone actually found this secret in the first place LOL

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CchocolateRrain @ 2024-04-17 10:42:32

It's not working for me can someone help me?