Sonic Eggman's Conquest

By Team Conquest

Sonic, Eggman's Conquest, is a hack of Sonic 3.

its a hack that is willing to reinvenent how the classic era of sonic to make it slightly more like sonic adventure

story goes : this takes place after sonic 3 bad ending where mecha sonic steals the master emerald and knuckles fails what happens then is that eggman conquers little planet and angle island and mashes them togther because he sucks at using the emerald

this is a demo that showcases what we did so far as Team conquest each character will have its own set of sprites and story

Features:And enchanced Sonic 3 engine

Elemental Shields

Data Select Menu

Sliding In HUD

custom sprite system for DPLC

custom object manager

enchance priority manager

slight improvments on game general code

uncompressed chunks /blocks

sonic 1 sound systems


Arid Valley Zone act 1

section 2 inner caves

act 2 and a boss



Up + A, B, C: DashA,B,C: JumpDown: DuckUp: Lookup

Tails:A,B,C: Jump2x Jump Button: flight (and assist if sonic jumps on)Down + A, B, C: Spindash

to the person who nit picks we didnt change the "sonic 3 text" in the title cards with the name of the hack cause we like s3 :sunglasses:


credits : bonnie bun bun beta testing

retroshaffer beta testing

superdude a cool guy

paccathesatyr a cool person aswell

the rest of the credit is in game Press A in the sega screen to get it :3 and beat the boss


File Type: rom/mega-drive

File Size: 1.81 MB

RobiWanKenobi @ 2023-09-26 12:32:35

Sonic 3 Eggman's Conquest

Also something we forgot to put in.

New Drum Samples: RobiWanKenobi from his Roland TD-07DMK

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Sonic_the_dutch_hedgehog @ 2023-09-26 12:45:13

Awesome hack

RobiWanKenobi @ 2023-10-02 05:53:27

No one has permission to make a recolor hack of this hack.

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Malachi @ 2023-10-23 00:53:37

The game is built off of Sonic CD. I'm a (probably uncredited because I didn't do much :P) developer

ToastedBag @ 2023-10-23 08:12:08

When I got a game over in the first zone, the cactus onscreen never unloaded, so they were still on screen when I was sent back to the Sega screen. Not a major bug, just a small issue.

dilworks @ 2023-10-23 18:18:56

Nice starting point:

- Love: level layouts - I guess I'm a sucker for desert-themed levels not named Sandopolis :D

- Hate: the frustratingly high difficult to attack enemies, since Sonic won''t roll by default anymore. Found myself dying a lot because of this.

Would like to see the direction this hack is gonna take for future releases/contests...

mohammedyasir (lavagaming1) @ 2023-10-25 00:41:51

thanks and yes there is that section where people seem to get confused

Jdpense @ 2023-10-23 22:04:02

I liked the ideas for this hack, but the execution kinda ruins the fun for me. For instance, the spindash is really sloppy and unfinished. I also liked the concept for the boss, but the sprite layering for the boss arena needs cleaning up along with HUD. Not sure why the HUD needed to completely disappear.

Last modified by Jdpense @ 2023-10-23 22:04:58

Roebloz @ 2023-10-24 07:23:25

Okay, Eggman's Conquest sounded really good, but I wasn't even able to get past the first level because I couldn't find where to go.

Also, that delay when jumping before Sonic actually rolls into a ball is physically awful. Like, its fine to have some extra animation, but his damaging hitbox should have activated immediately. (Also, no spindash on Sonic? Are you kidding me) So yeah, only good thing I could say about it was the desert tileset itself, and the music was pretty dope.

Roebloz @ 2023-10-24 07:26:17

Also the Super Peel Out's revving "animation" is just Sonic...standing there? Oh and finally I wasn't able to change my character off of Sonic for whatever reason, and also pressing B in the save screen brings you back to a glitched title screen.

RobiWanKenobi @ 2023-10-24 10:07:27

No other option but sonic was intentional.

The peelout thing's animation wasn't finished in time.

mohammedyasir (lavagaming1) @ 2023-10-25 00:43:57

its decided to swap the peel out with something better

if you want to check updates every now and then you can visit the discord and you can check the x mas demo on ssrg

Mohamad20ZX @ 2023-10-27 08:22:55

Hey does this from hack has easter eggs

ToastedBag @ 2023-10-29 14:14:13

so i just redownloaded this on my chromebook, and, carnival night and marble garden were unlocked(?) but they said zone 1(?!) and clicking them send me to a unused zone.

ToastedBag @ 2023-10-29 14:50:49

more weird things: loading carnival night loads: tidal tempest good future

and marble garden loads: lava reef..?

ToastedBag @ 2023-10-29 14:51:04

and now im in the special stage. now i have debug, and seen some unused animations

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