Sonic Frontiers - Mach Speed Physics (SHC 2023)

By Trepe_Serafin

The Fastest Sonic Mod Joins Sonic Hacking Contest 2023!

This is a physics mod for Sonic Frontiers that focuses on Sonic's Mach Speed and Momentum. This mod completely overhauls the Gameplay of Open Zone and Cyber Space, while tweaking the combat as well.

While this mod is compatible with DLC content, please note that this mod does NOT change Amy, Knuckles, and Tails.

1. Notable Changes

  • Tripled Top Speed
  • No Run Speed Cap
  • Mach Speed Power Boost
  • Dynamic Boost Gauge
  • Slope Physics
  • Reworked Roll and Spin Dash
  • New Moves
  • New Effects
  • No More Speed or Ring Levels
  • Tweaked Combat
  • Tweaked Enemies

2. New Moves

New Ground Moves

  • Roll: LT
  • Spin Dash: B + LT (Hold the Input or Mash LT to Charge)
  • Drift: LT + RT or LS (Config Menu)
  • Brake: X while at High Speed
  • Vault: A while Drifting, Braking, or Quick Turing
  • Vault Trick: A while Vaulting
  • Spin Strike: LT while Braking or Avoiding
  • Drop Dash Run: B while Drop Dashing
  • Drop Dash Boost: RT while Drop Dashing
  • Drop Dash Flick: LT while Drop Dashing

New Air Moves

  • Additive Homing Attack: Hold X until Sonic hits an Enemy (Works Best on Small Enemies)
  • Momentum Light Dash: Hold LS
  • Air Dodge: X while at High Speed
  • Spin Dive: LT
  • Spin Air Dodge: X while Spin Dive
  • Spin Shot: A while Spin Dive
  • Chaos Boost: RT while Spin Dive

3. Cheats for Chaos Island Squid Section

  • Vanilla Physics Mode: A + B + X + Y + LB
  • Mach Speed Physics Mode: A + B + X + Y + RB

This cheat has been created specifically to make Squid Section in Chaos Island playable. Use Vanilla Physics Mode before Squid Section to slow Sonic down, and hold boost right before entering Squid Trail. If you did everything right, Sonic will no longer get launched at Mach speed. After you complete the Squid Section, use Mach Speed Physics Mode to return to normal.

4. Compatibility

Please Download Hedge Mod Manager to use this Mod (

This mod is incompatible with any mod that alters Sonic. Please make sure to turn off any mod that affects Sonic.

While it's possible to play the game from the very beginning to the very end, feel free to use the End Game Save for free exploration.

For more information about this mod, please check out the mod page for Mach Speed Physics on GameBanana.

Also, please don't hestitate to contact me for any questions. My Discord Profile is @trepeserafin

  • Author: Trepe Serafin
  • Developer: Trepe Serafin
  • Development Support: HyperBE32, Weezley, GPF
  • Thumbnail: jav.wav
  • Render: Sonic Terminal

This special SHC 2023 build of Mach Speed Physics include some Hedge Mod Manager codes developed by HyberBE32 such as "Always Unlocked Spin Dash" and "Disable Guardian Introductions."


File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 28.96 MB

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End Game Save
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Trepe_Serafin @ 2023-10-23 08:08:33

Comment deleted by Trepe_Serafin @ 2023-10-23 12:11:45

AortaPlatinum @ 2023-10-24 13:52:58

This is super cool! Needs a better name though, I had been ignoring it until now because I thought it was just implementing the Mach Speed gameplay from Sonic 06 into Frontiers' open zones, but the mod itself is WAY better than that. Like call it Mega Physics or Dream Physics or something

AortaPlatinum @ 2023-10-24 14:51:33

After playing it some more, I think it's nearly perfect. I just wish we could disable additive homing cause it keeps fucking me over in Cyber Space, as well as making the camera locked to Sonic's back when drifting