Mighty, Ray, & Amy in Sonic 3 A.I.R.

By iCloudius

Explore every nook and cranny of Angel Island and become the hero with some new faces and old friends. Mighty the Armadillo, Ray the Flying Squirrel, and Amy Rose.


  • Play as Mighty, Ray, or Amy without replacing any of the main cast, thanks to the Extra Slot framework designed for adding new characters to Sonic 3 A.I.R.


  • Mighty, the beloved armadillo, joins the adventure with moves reminiscent of his appearance in Sonic Mania.
  • He's equipped with spike protection and the hammerdrop (triggered in mid-air by pressing the jump button).
  • Mighty can cling to walls, similar to Knuckles' Chaotix, allowing you to scale them.
  • Optionally, you can use the Megamix Mania wall cling, allowing you to slide up walls with enough momentum. This will leave you vulnerable but you can hold down on the dpad to stay in a ball.
  • Keep an eye out for hidden surprises along exclusive routes in Angel Island Zone (AIZ) and Lava Reef Zone (LRZ) that only Mighty can uncover.

Ray: (blue skechers included)

  • Ray, the flying squirrel, returns with his signature gliding ability.
  • Control Ray's glide by pressing the jump button in mid-air and using directional inputs. Gain speed by pointing downward and swoop back up for incredible heights.
  • Ray's "Air Boost" (activated by pressing up) lets you soar even higher.
  • Ray can also cling to walls briefly, but be careful not to slide off without touching the ground.
  • Use Ray as a hang glider while paired with Sonic, Knuckles, or Mighty for added mobility.


  • Amy, the hedgehog with attitude, makes her debut with a dynamic moveset inspired by Antonblast.
  • Double-jump to spin and protect herself with her Piko Piko Hammer. By holding the button, you will perform a Hammer Spin that gives you more range, deflects projectiles, and allows you to bounce.
  • From there, she'll be able to continue barreling through enemies like a hot knife through butter. When falling after a bounce, you will be left vulnerable until you perform a Hammer Clutch by pressing the jump button. Performing a Hammer Clutch near the ground will bounce you up once more. You can chain combos if you time the Hammer Clutch after each bounce.
  • Perform the Hammer Clutch onto a wall to bounce off of it, you can also chain the bounces off of walls (Simularly to the wall jump seen in Super Mario 64.)
  • Execute a devastating hammer slam by pressing down and a face button in the air.
  • Cancel the hammer slam mid-air by releasing the jump button for extra downward momentum.


  • Take these characters into Competition mode or Blue Spheres for a fresh gameplay experience.
  • Access the act select menu by navigating to "Act Select" and press A, C, or start button for Extra Slot characters.
  • Try messing around with the mods! Maybe you'll find some secrets within the mod order. There's something in the sound test too, for only those chaotic enough to figure it out!

Enjoy the thrill of exploring Angel Island once again with these fantastic little critters. Have fun! Also, watch out for a cyclops running around ICZ act 1. ;)

  • iCloudius - Coder, main coder, project lead
  • MiaCDi - Main sprite artist
  • Techncolour - Coder and original Mighty and Amy mod creator
  • HazelSpooder - Coder, helped with Amy's the intro and object interaction code, as well as give feedback
  • Dynamic Lemons - Coder
  • RetroForever - Playtester, feedback, and general art assistance
  • A.riff7 - blue sphere sprites creator
  • Louplayer - additional help with art
  • Edition - Original S3 Ray sprite creator, additional help with art
  • LunarCryptik - created the Genesis music heard in the mod
  • Campbellsonic - Original Ray mod creator
  • |Emi| - Made the Bluespheres/mod conflict screen and ending portraits in the data select menu
  • Legobouwer9 - Created the surfboard intro
  • MyDude - Tweaks to Mighty's route in AIZ act 2
  • SyntaxTsundere - Fixed the background to Mighty's route in AIZ act 2
  • 1Funniman - helped with the shockwave code for Mighty
  • Xtu_art - additional help with art
  • ChelseaCatGirl, E-122-Psi, MotorRoach - Original Amy sprite creators
  • Bastian95 - helped redesign Amy
  • Fadeinside - Former programmer, made a number of improvements to ESU
  • Lave sIime - Original creator of Extra Character Slots
  • Veenee - Data select sprite support and helped with blue spheres
  • Fabchaotix - Original creator of the S3 Ray mod
  • Sotaknuck - Ultimate Mighty creator

JP art credits:

  • JuanMXGalarza - Template for the box art
  • スターダスト - Created Mighty, Ray, and Amy's renders
  • PhilAnimates - Tweaked the character renders
  • iCloudius - Created some of the icons for the JP box art, researched the font, and made edits to make it look more close to the original. As well as created the character profiles.
  • RetroForever - Art consultant

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marlowhayes430 @ 2023-10-23 20:37:17

I Saw The Video Trailer Dude! And Those Secret Numbers At The End, 19/95/04 or 04/19/95, I'm Hoping That Extra Slot Metal Sonic (Kai) is releasing in 2024! I'm calling it right now! No questions!

Saa148 @ 2024-02-12 16:11:26

Could also be extra slot chaotix

MichaelWazowski @ 2023-10-24 03:26:14

Loved replaying the entire game as Ray back when he was first released, just two questions:

1) Is there anything different in this pack compared to what has already been release before?

2) Are there any plans to make an Origins-accurate version of Amy?

marievpyre @ 2023-10-24 03:46:21

Can you make Amy's settings more consistent with Mighty and Ray's? For example, Mighty can choose which button uses the Hammer Drop and which uses the Wall Cling, so I think it'd be nice to choose which buttons use Amy's Hammer Spin. Also, pressing the Shield Ability button with Amy will still play the Hammer Spin sound and occasionally use it, which means that Shield Abilities are reset and you can spam them. Lastly, can you allow her to change direction while using Hammer Spin?

Last modified by marievpyre @ 2023-10-24 03:50:09

Purple @ 2023-10-24 03:58:53

The new improvements are very interesting!

PyrasWolf @ 2023-10-26 06:03:01

Well, as far as i know there aren't any improvements, just pointless additions to otherwise perfectly fine mods.

Some new garbage ice cap boss that's pointless.

Amy has a new hammer attack... thats completely pointless and does almost nothing.

Hammer Clutch uses the drop dash sound effect for no reason.

Maybe Ray being able to cling onto walls is new, maybe the air boost is new too, both are i guess inspidered by Flying Squirrel Mario, but Wall Jump is already Mighty's thing anyway so who cares.

PyrasWolf @ 2023-10-26 06:05:28

Have to put this in a whole new comment because the character limit (not word limit) is 512, which is pointless but i guess it's to encourage concise summaries and concise reviews.

Character Select screen has visual bugs.

iCloudius @ 2023-10-30 14:32:16

Funny comment. Instead of just saying everything is "pointless" and "garbage", do you have any valid criticism? I'm always open to changes.

Sonicruns @ 2023-10-27 00:12:27

Wow, I like this mod Update

iCloudius @ 2023-10-30 14:41:35

Thank you

Sonicruns @ 2023-11-06 04:21:28

Somehow, my game crashes when I try to play it, is there a way to fix it?


Fardmonkey @ 2023-10-28 23:29:42

Hey so the user made levels demo three came out recently and ive found a bug for mighty where he messes with the camera since its a new custom boss and not his secret boss it then makes the camera pan down far into the ground causing it to mess up seeing the boss im talking about the seven forces boss in ice cap please fix this when the update gets to the forums

iCloudius @ 2023-10-30 14:35:11

Seven force wasn't made to work with other bosses. That's not my fault.

iCloudius @ 2023-10-31 06:54:47

Comment deleted by iCloudius @ 2023-10-31 06:57:28

iCloudius @ 2023-10-31 06:55:21

Comment deleted by iCloudius @ 2023-10-31 06:57:54

iCloudius @ 2023-10-31 06:58:29

For anyone whos' still using the stable build, and are getting visual glitch in the menus where Mighty and company take over the other characters. I suggest you either upgrade to the [url=https://github.com/Eukaryot/sonic3air/releases/tag/v23.10.07.0-test]latest test build[/url] (available for Windows, Mac, and Android)

iCloudius @ 2023-10-31 06:59:31

or use the [url=https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hNYc42dSqYJ0A2Lby4BtgDRw22zmf5aW/view]Extra Save Slots mod[/url] (Please check the readme included in the download before using) until the next stable build releases. Thank you.

System_Error_Insane_Freddy @ 2023-10-31 13:25:02

What's the custom boss called?

JuliusSeizure @ 2023-11-01 06:42:45

Comment deleted by JuliusSeizure @ 2023-11-01 08:53:22

JuliusSeizure @ 2023-11-01 08:50:38

Comment deleted by JuliusSeizure @ 2023-11-01 08:53:29

Needlemoyn @ 2023-11-06 10:06:14

I feel like Amy should be able to do the hammer dropdash

LilyRad @ 2023-11-07 20:26:40

Looks really cool in concept, but I can't seem to get it to work. Mighty and Ray are both blue and have Sonic's palette, and Amy just plain loads in Sonic.

iCloudius @ 2023-11-09 10:54:34

Please look at the gallery for a recommened mod order.

If it still doesn't work, then I'd suggest you move some mods around in your mod loader.

Last modified by iCloudius @ 2023-11-09 10:55:27

ClockworkBastard @ 2024-01-13 15:07:14

Really really cool! THANKS!!!

Tough ExtraSaveSlotsV2.0 even in ReadME didn't really made it clear bout order... I found it by trial and error.

Also "Extra Character Shadow 3Din2D" aint work now. I don't really care, but I still hope to see some uniform solution, where Extra Characters could be added without overhauling everything.

Hope you'll (or evyone else, credits are just enourmous) - make Extra Slot Cream, with chao and sutff. (psst, Hyper Tails' flickies could share some code for Cheese the Chao)

ClockworkBastard @ 2024-01-13 15:07:31


And, THANKS!!!!! Amy is now what it should be. A character for girls with a bit of an easyness applied.

Last modified by ClockworkBastard @ 2024-01-13 15:08:05

Hollow_Dude @ 2024-01-13 15:23:46

Comment deleted by Hollow_Dude @ 2024-01-19 23:05:55

MrAdam @ 2024-01-20 06:44:00

This mod is great

Repliroid @ 2024-04-12 15:32:16

Any chance to Amy, Ray and Mighty gain Custom Super Forms?

Mart170613 @ 2024-05-25 01:02:05

Moi j'ai ''MOD CONFLICT''

Objectanimatic7251 @ 2024-06-10 02:26:08

Good work

Hayden48 @ 2024-07-06 10:44:08

Can Someone Tell Me The Name Of The Secret Boss Music