Sonic 1: Fishsticks

By DeltaWooloo & SuperEgg

Do you like fish sticks? Do you like putting fish sticks in your mouth? Well, keep biting on those fish sticks because you'll need them as you play this incredible masterpiece of a ROM hack.

Sonic 1 Fishsticks is a Sonic 1 ROM hack created by me (DeltaWooloo) and SuperEgg which aims to give you the best Sonic 1 experience possible. Explore South Island as you play one of the best well-structured, well-thought-out level designs. Jump over obstacles, destroy badniks and hey, do you notice a lot of traps everywhere? OK, maybe what I just said was an overstatement.

This ROM hack will test your strength and ability to manoeuvre through the junk you hated in Sonic games/ROM hacks from a plethora of spikes to the iconic and most lovable badniks we all love and remember fondly. There are 7 levels to go through, and 6 emeralds to collect in each level (apart from the final one) which thankfully, you can keep if you die. As I was making this hack, I was a little lazy with coding the game and I haven't been bothered to fix the general Sonic 1 bugs we all love to hate. I'm referring to the infamous walk-jump bug and the classic spike feature (it's not a bug, fight me). They've been left intact within your journey which will help you explore the levels much, much more manageable.

Level layouts aside, we even went ahead and made changes to the stinky blue rat himself by giving him a fresh makeover and using the sprites we all think are the definitive classic Sonic sprites out there (alongside having the best jumping sound effect (that being from Sonic CD)). He even has one neat move to go along with it, the spindash, see at least this ROM hack is being generous to you. There are also additional features that I'll let you read in-game. Well, I'll mention one neat feature which is which is the fact that you have the ability Whether they'll help you or not is something for you to find out yourself. I don't wanna spoil the fun. :)

So, are you up to the challenge? Do you think you're really to keep biting those fishsticks down as you explore the wonders of this game? Get your controller out and explore the joy of playing such an aspiring and pleasant ROM hack!


- Shield stacking HUD doesn't clear if you lose all of your shields as it'll stay on the number 1

- There may be graphical glitches here and there (might be fixed in a future updates)


Project Leaders

  • DeltaWooloo - the megamind who started this masterpiece
  • SuperEgg - the intelligent bastard who collaborated with me to make this possible


  • SilviaFox
  • Sock Team
  • KC
  • Battons
  • TheJoebro64
  • gold lightning

Special Thanks

  • SilvaFox - made the idea of a Sonic 1 with dickish level layouts from one of my tweets (without her, this project wouldn't have even been created in the first place)
  • Chron D - port used in SLZ (Cirno's theme from Megamari)
  • CHRdutch - SBZ2's layout
  • Giovanni, Scrap Sorra, DaxKatter, ArcaniaCQ, pixelcat, Inferno, CHRdutch - all of them suggested ideas to make the levels a lot saucier

External Assets

  • KC - custom S3K-styled Sonic 2 waiting and balancing frames
  • Smoke-The-Pyroling - custom S3K-styled waiting/lying down sprites
  • Sonic3Expanded - custom S3K-styled Sonic 1 ending sprites (sadly they go unused here)
  • ProjectFM - Sonic 3K object and rings manager
  • vladikcomper - MegaPCM, water skimming code and Advanced Error and Debugger
  • ValleyBell - SMPS Converter and SMPS Research Pack
  • Ivan YO - vgm2smps
  • Clownacy - Sonic CD SFX in ASM format
  • Cinossu/flamewing - SMPS2ASM
  • flamewing - UltraDMAQueue and Kosinski+
  • Filter - Knuckles Chaotix Nemesis decompression and sound driver optimizations
  • SCHG/SonicRetro/SSRG - general Sonic 1 bug fixes/optimizations
  • devon - Sonic CD Spindash port
  • Naoto - extended camera port

File Type: rom/mega-drive

File Size: 2 MB

DeltaWooloo @ 2023-09-25 08:41:16

Few extra bugs I will mention:

- gaining one shield gives you two extra hits (call it a feature if anything lol)

- more bugs will be mentioned here as time passes

Last modified by DeltaWooloo @ 2023-10-23 06:20:04

giovanni.gen @ 2023-10-23 12:32:18

This is, without any doubts, a ROM hack.

DeltaWooloo @ 2023-10-23 14:46:05

You won the €50 question!

dilworks @ 2023-10-23 15:37:39

"Tell me you wrote a kaizo hack without telling me you wrote a kaizo hack"

OK, maybe this is hardly into the kaizo category, but I ended running out of lives by my first attempt anyway. I'm getting old, I know :/

And of course I realized why the "Fishsticks" in the title too late :D

Jdpense @ 2023-10-23 15:52:02

This was certainly an exprience lol

But in all seriousness, I did actually enjoy some of the levels in this hack, although I wasn't to fond of how long MZ was.

ProjectFM @ 2023-10-23 17:38:48

I don't think it's possible to pass SBZ2. There's a section with an inescapable pit, and avoiding it means doing a platforming challenge in which jumping in any capacity kills you and spindashing sends you into speed booster that sends you back. I was enjoying it until this part, though I recommend using Bizhawk so you can access the rewind feature. Also, I there are a lot of graphical bugs, including broken mappings.

Big Mike @ 2023-10-24 05:49:44

For a Kaizo like hack, I really enjoyed it.

Though there is a glitch at the first air bubble spot in LZ, trying to get an air bubble results in the player being pulled under into the stage, unable to move and continue like normal.

DeltaWooloo @ 2023-10-26 01:42:38

It's not really Kazio - I mean, at least you managed to casually beat GHZ unlike an actual Kazio hack where'd for a normal run, you'd be stuck for days. :p