Jet Set Sonic (DC Style + Extra Gameplay)

By Sora-yx


This mod replaces Sonic with his Jet Set Sonic design, the outfit was originally created by the staff behind project M.It also allows you to do some tags everywhere in the streets. As a bonus, Speed Highway has been entierely reworked to be like a Jet Set Radio level. You will have to collect spray paint and do all the different tags (small, normal and large) in the 3 acts. Music has been changed to fit the gameplay more. Finally, if the challenge isn't good enough for you, the mod comes with a hard mode option.This mod take assets from the Sonic Frontiers version (which itself use Sonic forces, and Sega all stars tennis. Thanks to Junior for allowing me to use it.)


  • Original DC Sonic model with all the acccessories from Jet Set Radio.
  • Full Event Head support (Mouth and Head in cutscenes)
  • Skating Animations (from Shadow in SA2, retargeted anim via Blender)
  • Headphone and Goggles are all draw as external models (new method.)
  • Speed Highway reworked to be like a Jet Set Radio Level (optional)
  • Hard Mode available to make this more challenging!
  • Can tag everywhere in the game!
  • Super Sonic Support.
  • Custom HUD made for Speed Highway (courtesy of SoloSlacker for some textures.)
  • Fully welded


  1. Make sure you have the latest version of SADX Mod Loader downloaded and installed from this link.
  2. Make sure to disable Sonic in Dreamcast Characters Mod or in DX-Refined.
  3. Download the latest version of Jet Set Sonic and place the entire folder in the mods folder.
  4. If all the above steps have been done properly, you should be able to run SADX Mod Manager and select the mod in the list.
  5. To configure options for Jet Set Sonic, select the mod in the Mod Manager and click on 'Configure...' to see all the options.
  6. Click on Save and play!


  • Sora - Author / Programmer
  • Sega / Sonic Team - Editor and Developer of Sonic Adventure
  • SoloSlacker - GUI and Mod Logo textures
  • SirGimmick - Jet Set Sonic Tag logo texture
  • junior0428 - Allowed me to rip the accessories of his Jet Set Sonic model
  • CrystalForce - Speed Highway Act 1 music remix

File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 26.55 MB