Sonic CD Restored - 30th Anniversary Edition

By PimpUigi

Sonic CD Restored - 30th Anniversary Edition by PimpUigi, CodenameGamma, and MainMemory

In addition to having finished restoring all the dozens of missing/broken glitchless speedrun routes in the Past & Future Zones, the 30th Anniversary Edition of Sonic CD Restored includes both Crowd Control and Randomizer bundled in, as well as a new game mode! Special Stage Rush

Sonic CD Restored has virtually lossless BGM remasters with restored loop bytes, 16-bit SFX, background and sprite fixes, 720p FMVs and even palette cycle overhauls to restore maximum accuracy and fidelity to the game's assets. Though the primary focus of CD-R is aimed at high level players with the glitchless speedrun restorations in all 78 stages, every level of player can benefit from the inclusion of Amy as a playable character and the implementation of Naoto Oshima's instant time warps; based on his sketches and early development screenshots. (Implemented by TheStoneBanana and heavily tweaked by PimpUigi to preserve both the original Sega CD time warp routes as well as the 2011 remake's.)

Crowd Control (Implemented by CodenameGamma) gives Twitch streamers access to a deeper level of interaction with their viewers who will be able to help or hinder your game progress by bestowing you power ups, Time Warps, or shoving you around the level at their leisure.

Randomizer (Implemented by MainMemory) has the freedom to shuffle all the game's levels, item boxes, UFO placements...even water! Now fully adapted to Sonic CD Restored and Crowd Control, there is a new option to randomize your character after every Act and Time Warp!


PimpUigi - Sonic CD Restored

CodenameGamma - Crowd Control for CD-R

MainMemory - Randomizer for CD-R

Sonic CD Restored contributors:

  • Leonx254
  • MegAmi
  • Sonic2001
  • Cosmic / LittlePlanetCD
  • EpoliTeamWork
  • LouPlayer
  • Ralakimus
  • CheatFreak
  • NopeMeet
  • UminekoSean
  • Jack0b0
  • peter4432
  • TheStoneBanana
  • Plumbers_Helper
  • Colou
  • Rubberduckycooly
  • TheA_Gamer554
  • Ultrared
  • Collision Chaos Radio
  • ESauce64
  • Nuclear [NUKELEDGE]
  • KingMeteorStudios
  • DeevDaRabbit
  • Glitch
  • jubbalub
  • DarkVampireDee
  • Acht05
  • PicsAndPixels
  • E-122 PSI
  • AsuharaMoon
  • speediousmilk12
  • TrekkiesUnite118
  • Vemmy
  • TheYoshoDude64
  • Harper Marie Rose
  • DropSonic
  • Probux_KQ
  • MarioMastr
  • AftDawn

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Xcourge @ 2023-10-25 14:09:37

Hi uigi, I wanted to know if this new version has support for knuckles and Amy to be playable in the same game.

It's great to have a new version of Sonic CD Restored, it's a very good project, I haven't played the game yet, I'm looking at how to install it and make it run on my PC. But I'm looking forward to playing.

PimpUigi @ 2023-10-27 08:11:18

Knuckles is going to be in the next version.

Seeing your other comment, did you add the data.rsdk file to the main folder?

If you're having trouble reach out to me on Discord @pimpuigi

Xcourge @ 2023-10-27 10:32:03

thanks pimpuigi, I'll add data.rsdk and see if it works (it probably will) thanks for letting me know :)

ShadowMouse67z @ 2023-10-26 02:37:29

Comment deleted by ShadowMouse67z @ 2023-10-26 03:35:18

ShadowMouse67z @ 2023-10-26 04:18:03

How do I get the rando to launch? I click randomise and nothing happens. i am confused?

Xcourge @ 2023-10-26 12:34:10

Comment deleted by Xcourge @ 2023-10-29 18:36:48

PimpUigi @ 2023-10-27 08:00:09

You have to activate the Rando mod in the Mods menu in game after you click Randomize, and make sure it's on top of the mods list. : )

ShadowMouse67z @ 2023-10-28 06:22:24

what are u even talking aut there is no mods list or mod mmannager its just two seperate exes a game and a randomiser. there is NO intagration program. unless im missing something if so links?

PimpUigi @ 2023-11-02 05:55:15

Press Escape in game.

AortaPlatinum @ 2023-10-27 13:04:04

Does this still wipe your save and require you to beat the game to unlock the original seperate JP soundtrack? I remember playing this before Origins and that was the only thing I didn't absolutely love about it.

PimpUigi @ 2023-10-27 19:00:33

CD-R never wiped your save. :o

But no, that unlock isn't a thing.

Xcourge @ 2023-10-29 18:41:24

tolle Arbeit Pimpuigi! Die beste Version von Sonic CD Restored, die es je gab, und mit Sicherheit die definitive Art, Sonic CD abzuspielen. Vielen Dank, ich empfehle allen Sonic-CD-Fans, dies zu spielen. :) Die Arbeit hat mir sehr gut gefallen, ich empfehle dir zu spielen! PS: Die Installation ist sehr einfach. Abschlussnote: 10

ZXNova @ 2023-10-30 12:29:45

Is this for Steam release of Sonic CD or is it for Sonic Origins?

PimpUigi @ 2023-11-02 05:54:46

Both! : )

its_just_keian @ 2023-12-17 09:43:12

my game wont opwn and i dont know how to fix it ive added the nessecary files and it still wont open

Juancd50 @ 2024-05-25 15:09:59

Busca tuto pal error o preguntale a @PimpUigi

Juancd50 @ 2024-05-25 15:22:26

Ayuda, cuando presiono start para iniciar me salta una pantalla negrita y no me deja hacer nada mas, a y el archivo : Restored No me funciona