Sonic Megamix Mania (v0.9)

By Team Megamix Mania

First and Foremost:


General Overview:

Sonic Megamix Mania is a fan-made modification of 'Sonic Mania Plus', that is both:

  1. A Faithful Remake: Classic Mode re-creates the levels of the legendary 'Sonic Megamix' Rom-Hack with higher quality art, as well as touched-up level design compared to the original.
  2. A New Experience: Megamix Mode aims to take the core ideas/themes from the original Rom-Hack and give each and every one of them a new spin. This mode features entirely new Art, Music, Level Design, and Gimmicks!

We highly recommend switching between characters as they all offer unique and fun movements that allow you to take advantage of the level gimmicks and explore character-exclusive routes.

Mighty and Knuckles especially have many exclusive routes in almost every act, along with other notable character paths for everyone else that you may want to check out on your runs.

Misty Maze Act 1 is the largest example of this, holding an exclusive route for each character, making it worthwhile to play as everyone in that act!

In this Release you can enjoy:

  • 12 Classic Mode Acts and The Final Fight
  • 8 Megamix Mode Acts
  • 6 Diverse Characters

The Game's Main Menu and UI elements have been given Full Language Support for Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Hungarian, and Dutch for accessibility!

Characters & Abilities:

Play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, Shadow, and even Amy with brand new moves and abilities, and take on both a familiar, classic adventure, as well as a brand new journey!

Sonic The Hedgehog: Equipped with a quite Modern move-set, Homing Attack, and Light-Speed Dash your way across the many zones!

Miles "Tails" Prower: He can perform a Tail Swipe to send out a wind projectile to defeat badniks with, as well as increased mobility in the air, being able to do a vertical Super Jump, alongside Flight Cancel, re-curling into a ball anytime during Flight!

Knuckles the Echidna: Similarly to Tails, he can also cancel his glide and re-curl into a ball and even gain a little height, with a Flutter Jump, and can perform a Drill Dive, similar to Mighty's Hammer Drop, however, it is much stronger, being able to destroy certain enemies even Mighty can not and even create a slightly larger reaching earthquake than him, but as a trade-off, it is more limiting, locking you into a straight-down dive, no wiggle room once activated!

Mighty the Armadillo: As mentioned above, he carries over his Hammer Drop from Sonic Mania, but that's not all, he can also use the Insta-Shield, as well as gain full access to Elemental Shield Abilities (Sonic can't use them anymore), but that's STILL not everything, as he can cling to walls and Wall Kick off of them to gain great height and distance and can be chained between walls! (If you cling to the top of a Ledge, Mighty will automatically Twirl Up and gain enough height to land on said Ledge)

Shadow the Hedgehog: Newcomer to the cast (or maybe long-awaited, return, depending on how you look at it), The Ultimate Lifeform himself comes with his Jet Shoes, allowing him to Double Jump to reach new heights, but they also allow him to perform a Jet Stomp, he makes a quick, diagonal dart towards the ground, crushing enemies under his feet! (It's also useful for a tiny instant speed boost from a standstill if you don't quite feel like you need the full power of a Spin Dash)

Amy Rose: Amy is quite the mobile gal, even with her Trusty Piko-Piko Hammer. She can use it to Hit enemies in front of her. That being said, it's not only an offensive tool, she can spin around with it in the Air to Hover for a short period and cross large gaps. However, that's still not everything, either from a standstill whilst looking up, or whilst running at a high enough speed, she can Hammer Bounce herself sky high!

(To Play as Amy, you need to grab Amy Mania from [here] and enable it alongside Sonic Megamix Mania, she will replace Mighty with her own assets and abilities. If you enable her, but the graphics seem messed up, change around the order of the Two Mods inside the Mania Mod Manager, and all should be well)

For a more in-depth look into these moves, be sure to check out the in-game Tutorial Act to learn and master these new abilities!

Each Character also has their own set of music tracks for Speed Shoes, Invincibility, 1-up, Game Over, and Act Clear, making each playthrough that little bit more unique!

(Whilst playing as Sonic + Tails is possible, like regular Mania, it is not generally recommended for your first experience, as most of the game was designed with a single player in mind, so you can reach some unintended places by using the Tails Assist)

Other notable things:

Time Attack: Every playable Act from the Demo is available for you to master in this mode. (Watching and Challenging Replays mostly works, but will bug out a little due to the custom abilities not being able to be replayed properly, it should only be visual discrepancies however, with the game correcting itself soon after, so it's still functional)

Loading Acts in Time Attack that aren't in the Demo or are Replays from Sonic Mania are prone to Glitching Out or Even Crashing so it's recommended you don't do that!

Jukebox: The Full Original Soundtrack for the Game can be found under this Main Menu Selection, letting you listen to all the tunes from both modes of the adventure!

(However, if you don't want to boot the game up each time you want to listen to the OST, the entire thing is also available on our YouTube Channel)

Keep in mind that this Project is still a Work In Progress, we did our best to fix any and all bugs/issues we could find during a lot of testing, but some may have inevitably slipped through the cracks, we hope that even if you encounter any, it won't take away from the experience, and a quick level restart should fix any soft-locks you might encounter.

Thank you for reading this description and we hope you enjoy this game, which has been our Passion Project for the past 5 years and hope you look forward to what we do next with the Project!


(This list is in purely Alphabetical order because we are grateful for each member of the team, no matter how little or large their contributions may be)

  • Alpher: Level Designer
  • Balibali: Classic Mode, Level Designer, Social Media Manager, Translator
  • Benjistring: Level Designer, Musician
  • CodenameGamma: Programming, Social Media Manager
  • Cyber: Lead Artist, Level Designer
  • Daan Demmers: Musician
  • Glace Sue: Musician
  • Justwiz: Lead Artist
  • Leilani "Woofle" Wilson: Musician
  • MnMi: Artist, Translator
  • Morris: Musician, Sound Support, Translator
  • MrLevRocks: Artist
  • Plastic Wizard: Level Designer, Social Media Manager
  • Skyeline: Artist
  • Troopsushi: Lead Artist, Level Designer, Social Media Manager
  • ZeekieJoe: Artist
  • Extra Translation Work: Gambito, Illias, Kast, Luan Maziero, NMark, TheA_Gamer554, TheBlurCafe
  • QA: AbsoluteOwten, Axanery, Braven, Burrotis, Gambito, Jacket, Lilac, MiaCDi
  • 3D Shadow Model: The Vagabond

File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 155.48 MB

Purple @ 2023-10-24 03:55:40

The work of the new Demo is simply... AMAZING!!!

PsychoSk8r @ 2023-10-24 11:21:13


Another classic romhack idea developed far beyond the version of the rom that I remember.

Great to have basically a whole new game built out of mania's core.

Eeveelover64 @ 2023-10-25 14:46:54

what an awesome re-imagining of the original genesis/sega cd version of sonic megamix! everything looks so amazing, especially with those visuals! the music is also outstanding! the composers on the team are definetly talented people, especially for making unique themes for each of the playalble characters! y'all did an amazing jub on this project, and i hope to see more of it in the future, when its finished! (hopefully)

AortaPlatinum @ 2023-10-26 20:55:52

This is immensely cool. Also lol at the screen that pops up when you go back from the jukebox, if it's a bug please don't fix it

I do hope you'll add in Mighty's shield shenanigans and Shadow's ring boost from Megamix 3.0 in the future, it helps to set them apart from Knux and Shadow respectively

MegaFaresX @ 2023-10-27 08:07:49

Simply Amazing

Sonic-Zone @ 2023-10-27 08:16:38

Very surprising! It's out of this world! I didn't think that after the 2020 demo the project would return! I thought 2020 was just a test!

Last modified by Sonic-Zone @ 2023-10-27 08:16:59

AortaPlatinum @ 2023-10-27 13:02:46

God damn, I think Classic Mode might become my preferred way to play Sonic Megamix. No messy emulation, no slowdown, no SFX taking up too many sound channels and cancelling out other sounds, NO BOSSES OOOOO FUCK YES

DigitalPhantom @ 2023-10-28 04:02:39

Absolutely phenomenal. The level design in Megamix mode is stunning, and Classic mode perfectly preserves the original. I can't wait to see the 1.0, well done team!

NullNash @ 2023-10-28 11:42:32

Comment deleted by NullNash @ 2023-10-28 11:50:55

Gabri_ @ 2023-10-28 15:42:56

For me, this is simply number 1, the best in the 2d pc category besides other things, I already loved the other demo, but this one impressed me in a way that I can't explain, it's simply perfect. work of art

XavierSonicAdventures @ 2023-10-30 09:06:48

Absolutely wonderful game/mod!

The music, the background and the foreground and the sprites are underrated. The team must be really pleased for their hard working game/mod. Now that's the re-imagined version of the original we've been looking for! Even the mod have the amazing graphics [as usual] and the team has been really working hard on this one. When the mod finished in the future, usually will be underrated and the best mod of all time.

JasonBlueX @ 2023-11-03 19:03:00

The best mod ever seen in the Mania mods history, long live the king Megamix.

SoN1c2001 @ 2023-11-11 17:45:41

Very Megamix, incredibly Markiplier

Xblade @ 2023-11-27 19:08:09

Made an account just to say that this is a phenomenal hack, kudos to the team!

ardaabOi @ 2024-01-28 08:56:10

this mod can work in epic games and how to download it PLZ ANYBODY HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!