Windmill Isle Act 5

By cosagets

Welcome Back to Windmill Isle!

Windmill Isle Act 5 is new, full stage mod for Sonic Generations. Using assets from Windmill Isle, Act 5 is a completely new Act that lasts about as long as the original. It also includes a familiar looking hub world. If you'd like to learn more about the development of this stage look here!

  • SEGA and Sonic Team - Original game, Models, Textures, Art
  • Dario FF - SonicGlvl and other mod tools
  • Skyth - HedgeGI and other mod tools
  • MainMemory - Sonic Generations Archive Editor
  • SWS90 - SonicLightTools
  • Goshanes - Street Fighter IV Audio Manager
  • Jansen, Exe.Qution - Tips from the HedgeServer Discord

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