CrazySonic: Super Ultra Cool Bodacious Radical Mega CD Remastered Edition!!!

By Ralakimus

What even is this???

This hack is a remastered version of CrazySonic, originally released during the 2015 hacking content, now ported over to the Mega CD with a good chunk of its quirks ironed out, and with new features! Play as the greatest character of all time: CrazyBus. Drive your way down through Sonic 1 while Sonic slacks off somewhere for some unspecified reason and defeat the dastardly Dr. Eggman!

New Features

  • New double jump and slightly increased movement speed to help with navigation.
  • Health and tire pressure mechanisms to add challenge to the gameplay. You can run over enemies, but unless you are jumping or rolling into them, you will take a little bit of damage. Touching anything with a spike will pop your tires and the pressure will slowly go down until you run out or hit a tire monitor or reach a checkpoint.
  • Brand new 3D special stages inspired by Crazy Taxi. Deliver people to their destinations for some sweet macguffins.
  • Tweaked LSD mode (previously known as "420blazeit mode") to both make the color cycling less intense and also enhance it with additional waviness. This can be activated through monitors throughout each stage to give you invincibility.
  • Brand new rave mode with a bangin' and "crazy" track, also found in monitors to halve the damage you take.
  • Updated versions of the "better" games with some cool enhancements. Check them out for yourself to see what's been changed :-)
  • New level and boss fight for when you beat the final boss and have all 7 Chaos Tires.
  • You can also go super if you have all 7 Chaos Tires.


  • Bus: Left or right to move, A to honk the horn B or C to jump and double jump, C in the air to turn super if you have all the 7 Chaos Tires
  • Submarine: D-pad to move around, C to turn super if you have all the 7 Chaos Tires
  • Special Stage: Up to accelerate, down to brake and back up, left or right to turn, A to honk the horn.

Who asked for this?

Nobody! And guess what? I don't care!

Screw you! I don't wanna play the entire game! Where are the "better games"? Can I get a level select pls?

Up Down Left Right at the title screen. You'll get access to the "better games" there as well... bitch.


I shat this whole thing in just 2 weeks at the very last minute.

CrazyBus originally created by Tom Scripts.

Credit goes to Flamewing for their Ultra DMA queue and vladikcomper for their improved Nemesis and Kosinski decompression routines.

Additional graphics taken from Sonic CD, CrazyBus, The Incredibles (GCN), Hong Kong 97, and the PC-98 Touhou games. Additional music taken from Nakaura's demo tracks, The Offspring, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, and Hong Kong 97.


File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 196.29 MB

Extra Public Downloads
Japanese Version
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European Version
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Ralakimus @ 2023-10-04 17:15:09

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Ralakimus @ 2023-10-20 21:43:34

So the build submitted has a game breaking bug where falling into the pit at the end of Scrap Brain Zone Act 2 doesn't take you to Act 3, and rather just softlocks instead. Here is a build with it fixed + a small fix with music playback in stages. Other than that, it's exactly the same as the submitted build.

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dilworks @ 2023-10-23 11:07:07

I can't believe that over 10 years later, CrazyBus is still a meme.

Well, at least this hack has good taste - absolutely like the damage system, and the Crazy Taxi-inspired special stages (at which I suck. HARD.)

But at least make the bus catch fie BEFORE EXPLODING!

Scrap Sorra @ 2023-10-23 14:15:17

this is peak.

PenTick @ 2023-10-23 15:23:48

It's CrazySonic but SegaCD/MegaCD. (not to ruin the game, it was already perfect lol)


Big Mike @ 2023-10-23 18:12:12

Major props on this hack, it's definitely one of the most unique and trippy Sonic the Hedgehog hacks I've ever played. The damage system adds a whole new approach. While I haven't quite got the hang of the special stage yet, I am enjoying the game play. I feel like I'm enjoying it much more than the original version of this hack. The sound is awesome too, especially The Offspring in the special stage.

Last modified by Big Mike @ 2023-10-23 18:12:58

Jdpense @ 2023-10-23 20:18:18

This really awesome! I'm really digging the new special stages! Just wish I had more time to freely roam in them! lol :P

Roos333 @ 2024-01-02 10:27:16

I'm very happy now!

Roos333 @ 2024-01-03 19:26:37

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Roos333 @ 2024-02-25 11:32:45