Dungeons of Soleanna - An 06 Roguelite

By GordonRamsay

Dungeons of Soleanna is a roguelite made entirely in Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) which draws heavy inspiration from Runescape's Dungeoneering. You can start your adventure by selecting the "Castle Rift" episode from ACT or Town trial (this is loaded as a separate character episode; it is not appended to an existing campaign).

This mod features a randomly generated dungeon which you must progress through by finding keys, solving puzzles and defeating enemies. Along the way you may acquire accessories that augment your abilities or level up to unlock new skills.


  • 7 unique puzzles.
  • 11 unique upgrades.
  • 1 custom boss fight.
  • An inventory/item system.
  • An exp/leveling system.
  • A bind system, allowing you to carry an upgrade of choice between runs.
  • Fame, glory and riches. Arguably.

NOTE: There is a very low chance that you may encounter an unbeatable layout. Should this occur, restarting from the pause menu will regenerate the dungeon.

I recommend using the "Restore Point Light Behavior" patch for the best experience. I also recommend selecting Castle Rift from ACT or Town Trial, NOT from Episode Select. Some features in the dungeon work by setting global flags which must be saved at the end of a run. If you go through Episode Select, you won't get a save prompt.

If you're interested in reading up on how this was made, I've put together a (somewhat technical) writeup.


  • GordinRamsay - Design, programming.
  • EVDestroy, FenTheOtter, ChaosX2006, Reverie for play testing.
  • Runescape (and the wiki) for the songs and key textures.
  • Nancy for the XBLA music restoration patch and XNCP assistance.
  • Beatz - EXP HUD image rip.

File Type: rom/rar

File Size: 28.33 MB