Sonic May Cry

By GordonRamsay

Adds a combo grading system to Sonic, Shadow and Silver.

  • Hitting enemies will increase your Style score and combo counter. Using the same move repeatedly will generate less score.
  • A point bonus will be awarded at the end of a combo based on your performance.
  • Stage ranks are significantly harder to attain, but they'll be made easier based on your average combo performance throughout all sections of the stage.

This doesn't work in town missions, boss fights, Extra stages (Tails Wave Ocean, Blaze Wave Ocean, Rouge Tropical Jungle) or Silver's Tropical Jungle.

This isn't compatible with Legacy of Solaris.

Here's a quick breakdown of the mechanics:

  • The system tracks damage types rather than individual moves. Using the same damage type repeatedly grants less score.
  • Standard damage is inflicted via homing attack, spin kick, bounce attack, etc.
  • Ranged damage is inflicted when the target is damaged while far away from the player.
  • Smash damage is most easily inflicted with a charged White Gem. Homing attacks and thrown objects can also inflict it if they travel far enough.
  • Stun damage is inflicted when the target is paralyzed. If Shadow is in Chaos Boost level 2, he will instead inflict Lance damage.
  • Enemy kills are considered a damage type.

Sonic, Shadow and Silver all have different mechanics, though Shadow is the most different.

  • Activating Chaos Boost will grant a substantial score multiplier. The higher your Boost level, the higher the multiplier.
  • If Boost runs out, your combo instantly ends.
  • Consecutively stunning enemies will build up an invisible counter (communicated with an audio cue). Using a non-stun move will break the counter and give you a Style bonus based on how many consecutive stuns you'd inflicted. Silver has a similar mechanic.
  • GordinRamsay - Design, programming.
  • Nancy - XBLA music patch, XNCP assistance.
  • Reverie - Playtesting.

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kellsnc @ 2023-10-26 13:04:14

Weird name, but pretty cool mod ^^