Sonic Adventure Gameplay + Emerald Coast

By ahremican

Return to Emerald Coast just like you remembered it, with a new coat of paint and a Classic Sonic twist!

This mod is a combination of two mods that are still a work in progress, but are done enough to warrant a contest entry:

  • Sonic Adventure Gameplay - Modifications to Sonic Generations' movement code to make Classic Sonic's 3D controls match Sonic Adventure's as closely as possible. Future plans include compatibility with boost stage gameplay!
  • Emerald Coast - A level mod faithfully recreating the opening zone of SA1, carefully decorated with rocks and foliage, and given gorgeous new global illumination lighting rendered by Goalringmod27. Also featuring completely custom set objects with UNIQUE behavior, for the first time ever in a Generations mod!


Please update HedgeModManager to get access to the new mod loader, or the game will crash on load. You can do so in the "Settings" tab, and be sure "Enable Mod Loader" is checked.

As this is a work in progress mod submitted to the Hacking Contest, there is no update server.

However, if you want to make sure you can play the latest, most polished version when it's completed, the Readme file will point you in the right direction. Otherwise, just check "Ahremic" on twitter, and it'll be my pinned post when it's up.

For the curious, a technical writeup for what went into this, along with currently known issues, can be found here:


This mod takes advantage of the Hedgehog Engine's beautiful visuals and Generations' core game code, letting you play through this Dreamcast classic like you remember it. Diehards will find themselves right at home with a faithful translation of Adventure's gameplay physics, while casual fans will feel a sense of familiarity as old muscle memory comes back. And I may be biased but, combined with wonderful baked GI from Goalring, Emerald Coast ports to Generations have truly never looked better.

Along with that, this level mod has been used as a test bed for many new advancements in Generations modding. They will be listed in the technical breakdown linked above, but among them of note are CUSTOM set objects, allowing for previously impossible gimmicks. You'll find some examples ranging from the famous rubber-band rails, a floating bridge, and curiously numbered platforms ;)

That said, there are still a handful of issues that I'm... painfully aware of, but time went away from me this year. I expect there to be criticisms written in evaluations regarding unfortunate bugs like sticking onto walls or camera clipping, general issues with polish etc., and I fully accept that. However, I still think there's a lot to love here, and I hope you all still enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it.

Thanks again to everyone giving their feedback and support this past year. Hope it doesn't disappoint. ❤️


Sajid - HE1ML development, dealing with my back-and-fourth making sure all bugs got stamped out.

  • Goalringmod27 - All level asset importing and super good lighting rendering.
  • SonicFreak94 - Initial research into SA1's gameplay physics, note sharing, & code donation from "sonk." Without you, none of this would be possible, thank you man.
  • Brianuuu - Wave ocean orca chase as a stand-in until I can make a more accurate SA1 style version (thanks bud).
  • Skyth - HedgeGI, allowing this stage to look as good as it does in the first place with relative ease.
  • ItsEasyActually, Hyper, Sajid, everyone above & so many others -- Moral support. Thanks guys ❤️

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File Size: 146.72 MB

ahremican @ 2023-10-01 13:20:42

Wanted to add that Goalringmod27 also did the object placement of all the seagulls and did the entire soundscape, VERY important and im really sorry I forgot to mention that! (I develop with the sound off usually until i need to debug sound-related issues....)

PsychoSk8r @ 2023-10-24 11:32:22

Sonic Adventure has never looked so beautiful!

Great work from everyone involved, genuinely hope to see more!