Chat VS Sonic Mania V2

By CodenameGamma

Welcome to Chat VS Mania V2

This mod allows your chat to do things like spawn objects, put messages on the screen, switch your characters and more!

Youtube/Twitch/Discord services are supported!

This year this entree adds even more commands as well as some updates and quality of life features.

New Commands:

  • !play *SongAbbreviation* - Plays a song from the song list
  • !spotlight - turns off the lights and shines a spotlight on you limiting visability
  • !badnik - Spawns a badnik appropreate for that speciific level, also Randomizes Puyo drops in Puyo Puyo.
  • !pog - Shows the awesome Pogger Tails!
  • !ice - Freezes the player in ice.
  • !bumper - Spawns a circle bumper
  • !star - Heavy Shinbo throws an Asheron

New Features:

  • Supporter List - Adds a list of names and if turned on this will only give supporters access to more desructive commands like !demon
  • Super Demon - On Superchat (youtube only) will spawn a super demon going twice as fast that kills instantly.
  • !Message - now supports Characters, and numbers and some special characters.
  • !Amy - will switch to Amy if enabled with troopsushi's Amy mod.

--------------Featured Custom Songs-----------

  • RTW - Race to win (Sonic Rivals)
  • END - Endless Possibility (Sonic Unleasehed) - 16bit remix by JX -
  • CYF - Can You Feel the Sunshine (Sonic R) - Tee lopes Mix -
  • SSR - Super Sonic Racing (Sonic R)
  • MN1 - You're My Number One (Sonic R)
  • LNL - Live and Learn - JX Remix
  • SD - Someday (Sonic Underground)
  • FB - Fistbump (Sonic Forces)
  • INF - Infinite Theme (Sonic Forces)
  • DBM - Sonic Chronicals Dark Brotherhood Song
  • IAM - I am all of me (Shadow The Hedgehog)
  • SNZ - Starry Night Zone (Sonic Megamix)
  • PKH - Pumkin Hill Zone (SA2:B)
  • KTR - Kick the Rock - Wild Canyon (SA2:B)
  • DDZ - Dooms Day Zone (S3k)
  • MIKU - Dominoes Dominoes
  • SMU - Speed Me Up (16bit version) by JX -
  • MCZ - Mystic Cave Zone - Topher Florence Version
  • PIZZA - Pizza Tower - Cold Spaghetti By Mr.SauceMan
  • FGB - X Ambassadors-BOOM(16bit Version)by JX
  • SST - Stardust Speedway - By SilvaGunner -
  • UBT - Unleashed Battle Theme - By Sega (Sonic Unleashed)
  • ITW - In The Wind Remix - Sonic Tokyo 2020 Mobile
  • WIM - What i'm Made of (Sonic Heroes) 16bit version by JX

File Type: 7z

File Size: 107.36 MB

Someone567123 @ 2020-12-03 20:05:28

Hi. how and why am I the only person commenting?

Eythan @ 2020-12-12 08:45:13

Windows defender said this had a virus. something to do with conteban? turns out this is a highly infectious virus that adds other ransomware

please check the file.

Look i get it, im gonna try again. I didn't know in the past that the moderators would check these, so i thought something was wrong. This was a year ago that i commented remember?

Last modified by Eythan @ 2021-06-07 06:02:28

WolfyTCW @ 2021-02-21 10:16:10

this isnt a virus its a mod for sonic mania ya lier cuz a lot of people use this mod

WolfyTCW @ 2021-02-21 10:17:08

and if it was a virus this would of got taken down already

Eythan @ 2021-06-07 05:59:56

Look, I thought it was because Windows Defender is one of the antiviruses that doesnt detect most false positives. But this game it still detected as a virus so that confused/worried me. I knew that Codenamegamma doesn't do that so i thought maybe it was a problem with the file, his computer so i wanted to make sure. Thanks for the clarification, I was just worried.