Sonic R Mania (Sonic R Texture / Sound Mod)

By Rlan

Welcome to 'Sonic R Mania'! This mod for 'Sonic R' switches out all the textures from the original game, and uses sprites from 'Sonic Mania'.

Resort Island is now Green Hill, Radical City is Studiopolis, Regal Ruins is Mirage Saloon, Reactive Factory is Chemical Plant, and Radiant Emerald is Egg Reverie!

A ton of effort went into this mod, converting all sprites over was a LOT of work. This also includes switching over most of the sound effects, all the music, and also including Snow and Rain versions of the stages too!


- Have Sonic R on PC- Download the Sonic R Updater: Install the Sonic R mod loader: Add it to the bottom of the list on mod loader.- I also recommend you install the Saturn style coloring mod by InvisibleUp, which you can download here:

== OTHER ==

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Ryan Langley


Additional Credits

Title Screen Artwork by @Tyler_J_McGrath

Spritework by the original Sonic Mania team

Amy Sprites by @troopsushi (via Amy Mania hack)

Egg Robo Sprites by DragonDePlatino (via SRB2Kart)

Metal Knuckles Sprites by HattyBoyo (via SRB2Kart)

Tails Doll Sprites by Phanthonas (via SRB2Kart)

Super Sonic Sprites by Mikel Nash / Mecha Crawford (via Spriters Resource)

Metal Sonic Sprites by Sonikast (TheGoku7729) (via Spriters Resource)


File Type: 7z

File Size: 59.86 MB