Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Encore Mode

By SonicFan300

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Encore Mode is an upcoming SHC 2020 entry/hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit) by SonicFan300. It is an encore-themed Sonic the Hedgehog game inspired by Sonic Mania as well as many Sonic fangames, and is significantly redesigned to fit to the Encore Mode style.

The hack was going to be a unique hack, including adding the Homing Attack and Drop Dash, implementing a Bonus Stage, adding Giant Rings to the game that take you to the Special Stages, adding more playable characters, replacing the special stages, and the addition of Super Emeralds and Hyper Forms. But the hack was rushed to fit into the SHC. It took 3 attempts to create the perfect demo for this hack and the third time was perfect.

There will be storyline cutscene and level cutscenes and mini-bosses a la Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It will also include additional playable characters like Knuckles the Echinda, Amy Rose, Shadow the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic and Ryan (if you beat the game for the first time, hopefully in the final version) and it will show the map of the island a la Sonic 1 SMS/GG as well.

Rather than only a simple palette hack, this hack changes the music order of the zones, the name of the zones, and the looks of Sonic and Tails are also changed into their modern counterparts. This hack also plans to change Robotnik's look to his look in the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog film in the final version.


Dr. Robotnik has hatched a new plan once again. And this time, it is nothing like the ones Sonic knows. This time, he has decided to try and destroy Sonic Island without anyone ever knowing. Unfortunately for him, Sonic and Tails already know everything. So he had to distract them by capturing someone unknown to the duo who didn't know he would ever manage to kidnap anyone else, even a YouTube star, after the events of Sonic CD. Robotnik then saw they were hanging out with that same YouTube star Ryan, so he had to distract Sonic and Tails and throw them off their game. Soon, a bomb fell next to Sonic, Tails and Ryan and it shortly explodes knocking the duo unconscious. The K.O. was long enough for Robotnik's plan to take shape. Sonic and Tails came back to their senses an hour later, but when they woke up, Ryan was GONE! (which was weird for a Sonic hack, a YouTuber being a hostage. Luckily, other ROM Hackers are better than that.)

They immediately formed a search party. But minutes after it was formed, there was another nuclear blast echoing through the air, shocking everyone. Looking beyond Horizon Beach, a large pillar of fire could be seen, accompanied by a new, yet familiar, army of mechanical robots. It only took a second for Sonic to guess who had caused the explosion, cursing Robotnik's name and running to the thick of it, with his friends following him.

His laugh echoing in the wind, Robotnik couldn't help but gloat over his newest plan, being grateful for having the foresight to distract Sonic and Tails by kidnapping a YouTube star (THERE, I SAID IT!!!) as he pilots his redesigned Eggmobile with a hastily-designed Egg Prison with Ryan in it. (Eggman's gotta stop kidnapping superstars though. Even YouTube superstars! What has gotten into Eggman?!) Learning of the legend of the island, Robotnik came to the realization that the legendary stones talked of could only be the Chaos Emeralds, this island being the true resting place of not only the six from before, but of a seventh as well. Once again wanting the emeralds for himself, Robotnik plans on using them to power his latest creation, the Death Egg, a flying fortress orbiting the planet with the potential to be his greatest weapon. With the desire to rule the world fueling the mad doctor, he prepares to once again engage with his greatest enemy, the one force that could possibly spoil his plans.

Just then, a note falls near Sonic. It reads: Dear stupid hedgehog, I am tired of you making my plans fail with EPIC scale. For that, I have decided to capture Ryan, the so-called YouTube star that you like. If you ever want to see him or your other pesky friends again, you better meet me at the Death Egg with the Chaos Emeralds before three days pass. If you succeed, I will free Ryan and stop my plans and let you all live happily ever after, JUST LIKE THE LITTLEST ELF! But if you fail, well, you'll find out. Ha ha ha, good luck! It was signed, Dr. Robotnik.

In a fit of rage, Sonic explodes in anger. But soon after, his friends calm him down and tell him we've got this. So he agreed to begin another adventure.

"The stage is set. Now it's time for you to bring the curtain to a close on this adventure once and for all! Get the Chaos Emeralds, save Ryan and squash Dr. Robotnik forever!"

The saving Ryan part, of course, will hopefully be implemented in the final version.


Building upon the engine from the first game, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Encore Mode kept to the same basic formula as the first game: to overcome a series of obstacles and enemies and reach the end of each "Act," all under the span of ten minutes. The rest will be discussed on Sonic Retro.


There will be 16 levels, 8 original zones, and 8 zones from past Sonic games. Each zone will have 2 acts and a boss battle in the final build.

  1. Horizon Beach Zone
  2. Trophic Plant Zone
  3. Windmill Isle Zone (from Sonic Unleashed)
  4. Labyrinth Zone (from Sonic 1, in Final build)
  5. IceCap Zone (from Sonic 3, in Final build)
  6. Casino Park Zone (from Sonic Heroes)
  7. Gemstone Garden Zone (from Sonic the Hedgehog Level Creator, in Final build)
  8. Inverted Hill Zone
  9. Desert Mines Zone
  10. Hidden Palace Zone (from Sonic & Knuckles, in Final build)
  11. Honeycomb Plaza Zone
  12. Robotropolis Zone
  13. Space Race Zone
  14. Ring Satellite Zone (from the original Sonic Robo Blast game)
  15. Dark Egg Zone
  16. The Doomsday Zone (from Sonic & Knuckles, in Final build)

I think that should be good. Let's see if this wins anything!!!

So what do you guys think? You should play the game too. This is my entry and I have been so happy I've finally entered the contest. Thank you guys for making this all possible! Peace out!!!


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Eeveelover64 @ 2020-10-26 08:04:07

What did you use to make all this?

TranceChao @ 2020-10-28 19:31:01

He used SonLVL for the main Level Editing and Palletes.

Eeveelover64 @ 2020-10-30 15:47:02

Ah, thx!