By TheInvisibleSun

Marble Garden Zone is the only level in Sonic 3 Alone that doesn't include water.

Let's fix that.

UMGZ is a ROMhack of Sonic 3 and Knuckles that aims to spice up the otherwise standard Marble Garden Zone experience with a new challenge: the zone is entirely submerged underwater. Are you up 2 3 it?

This 1-act demo features:

  • A slightly modified level and object layout
  • New underwater palette (duh)
  • New Goggles Monitors.....and breatheable bubbles scattered about (I'm not that mean, I promise! I even placed a few hidden bubble shields around.)
  • CaterKiller..................Juniors.
  • Unlockable bonus upon beating the demo

Planned Features:

  • A new Act 2 boss
  • A new/revised Act 2
  • Hidden extra Zones, and content

Known Issues:

  • There are some art bugs here and there.


  • KingofHarts
  • MainMemory
  • Josh, Kalin and TGC

Thanks for Playing!


File Type: 7z

File Size: 1.77 MB