Green Forest (Team Battle)

By Shadow Side

A stage mod for Sonic Heroes. It's a port of Green Forest (Sonic and Shadow fight) from Sonic Adventure 2. It does not look like the real stage, but I think it came out fine! This mod is replacing Team Battle 2 (Jungle Area Boss).

This mod is for PC Only and it requires Reloaded II Mod Loader (, and the following mods:

  • CRI FileSystem Hook (
  • TONERR (
  • Reloaded Universal Redirector (

Note: Reloaded should download these for you automatically.

Original Authors:

  • SAB64: For the Green Forest render used in the "Challenge Mode" menu.
  • dshaynie: For ripping the stage model from Sonic Adventure 2.

Special thanks to igorseabra4, for his amazing work on the Heroes Power Plant tool and on the tutorial.


File Type: 7z

File Size: 6.78 MB