SA2 Vs Chat

By MainMemory

SA2 Vs Chat is a mod for the Steam version of Sonic Adventure 2 that allows your Twitch, Discord, or YouTube chat to issue commands that affect your game and basically make your life a nightmare.

Setup Instructions:

In the SA2 Mod Manager, select the SA2 Vs Chat mod by clicking on its name in the list (line turns blue), then click the "Configure..." button. In the General section, please set AdminUsername to your own user name on your streaming platform so the mod will recognize you in chat and give you unlimited power. You can also set BuildHTMLPagesForOverlay to True and the mod will create a VoteStatus.html file in the mod's folder that you can add as a Browser Source in your streaming software to display some status information about the mod. From here, there are three sections for the three streaming platforms: Twitch, Discord, and YouTube. You can use any one, two, or all three at once.

  • Twitch: Set Enable to True, then set ChannelName to the name of the Twitch channel you want it to read the chat from (usually your own channel).
  • Discord: In order to use Discord chat with this mod, you will need to create an app on Discord's developer website (, set up a Bot for it, and invite it to your server. Then set Enable to True, then copy the Token listed on the app's Bot page into the BotKey field. Note that by default the bot will accept commands from any channel, so you may want to adjust their permissions so they can only view one channel.
  • YouTube: In order to use YouTube chat, you will need to get an API key ( Set Enable to True, then paste your API key into APIKey. Then, you can either type the stream's video ID into the VideoID field, or set PromptForVideoID to True, and the mod will ask you for your video ID every time you start it.

Afterwards, you will find sections indicating each command's Access Level and Timeout. The Access Level allows you to disable commands, while the Timeout indicates how many seconds need to elapse before a command can be used again. By default I have set the "die" and "win" commands to only be usable once every 300 seconds (5 minutes).

Once you've done that, you can test the mod by typing commands into your chat without starting a stream.

Please note that the mod is somewhat prone to crashing at this time.

Command List:

Source Code:

Special Thanks to CodenameGamma and SuperSonic16 for creating the Mania Vs Chat mod that this is partially based on.


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