Sonic Generations: LATAM Spanish Conversion

By senorDane

Sonic Generations: LATAM Spanish Conversion

Sonic Generations: LATAM Spanish Conversion is a total conversion in Sonic Generations based on the english voice-over track into Latin-American Spanish. Ever since SEGA's jump to multi-regional voice-over in Sonic games tracks, a greater set of Sonic fans has been exposed to new voice actors and different localization. However, as SEGA only works on European Localization, the Latin-America region has been ignored; in contrast to games produced or/and published by Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft and in the recent decade, Nintendo.

European Spanish and Latin-American Spanish are quite different. European Spanish is tailored specifically to Spain, allowing it to use regional dialect and their specific palette of accents. Latin-American Spanish targets Central and South America, ignores slangs, and features the neutral-style accent commonly found in Latin-American dubbed media.

This mod sets to rectify this. Providing a new Voice-Over track provided by fans along all the Central and South America territory in the most profesional way posible.

Sonic Generations: LATAM Spanish Conversion contains:

  • A full dub of the original Voice-Over track, ranging from Cutscenes to In-game audio.
  • Total conversion of all In-game text and subtitles.
  • Conversion of text textures.

All of this changes along with credits can be found by selecting the Spanish localization option in the game menu, which has been replaced from the original game' European Spanish.


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