Mighty Redone

By CrappyBlue

Mighty Redone is a 90% finished sprite mod for Sonic Mania Plus intended to make Mighty's art assets better match those of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. While this project is "only a sprite mod", it's a very extensive one, using a mix of heavy edits to Mighty's existing sprites and redrawn & reanimated sprites. Below is a list of specific problems with Mighty's sprites in Mania Plus, all of which Mighty Redone attempts to fix.

  1. Mighty's shell is drawn inconsistently between animations, resulting in some animations where his shell is noticeably smaller or otherwise oddly-shaped. The blue-background images in the gallery for this mod show the "rotating run" animation and a general comparison between various animation frames, both of which illustrate this problem and how Mighty Redone fixes it.
  2. Many of Mighty's animations are lifted from Sonic with minor edits. The green-background animations in the gallery show some of the new animations Mighty has in Mighty Redone, including a skid animation based more closely on his skid animation in Chaotix.
  3. In a handful of animations, Mighty's position is a bit jumpy between frames. Mighty Redone fixes this.
  4. In general, the shading on Mighty is rougher than on Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Mighty Redone makes his shading more consistent, not just between his animations but in comparison to the base Mania cast.
  5. The highlight on Mighty's shell in full-rotation animations moves along the edge of his shell as if it were flat. Mighty Redone keeps the light source static, making his shell appear more three-dimensional.
  6. Mighty's palette gives his shell a brick red color that's accurate to his SegaSonic artwork and sprites, but Sonic Mania is a vibrant game that exaggerates the saturation of its characters' palettes, so Mighty feels dull in comparison to other art assets in the game. He's been given a new palette in Mighty Redone which makes his shell a brighter red that shifts to orange as it gets lighter, mirroring Sonic's blue-to-cyan palette.
  7. Mighty's head beneath his shell went unshaded and his legs were shaded with the same colors as his shell. Both of these have been changed in Mighty Redone, using existing dark grey shades from Tails' palette.
  8. Mighty's shoes in Mania have the full white strip going over them like Sonic's, but in Chaotix, Chaotix's official art, the Archie comics, and even Mania Plus's official art, Mighty's shoes are depicted with a partial strip that doesn't meet the soles. Mighty Redone corrects all of Mighty's sprites to match the latter depiction.

This mod requires Sonic Mania with the Mania Plus DLC on Steam to be played and is designed for use with the Mania Mod Loader.


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CrappyBlue @ 2020-10-09 18:25:00

Hm, apologies for the paletting error on the middle part of the walk > run gif. Not sure how that happened.