Sonic the Hackable - 23-07-2017 built

By CHRdutch

Ever wondered what Sonic the Hackable looked like when barely anybody knew about it or even had access to it? Find out with this old built from 23.07.2017. This built is completely unmodified and intact. No patches. No touch ups. No secrets.

Original development title

Sonic's return to South Island / A generic Sonic 1 ROMhack

Crush Dr. Eggman!

After Dr. Eggman's defeat in Sonic 4: Episode II, the Death Egg MK II crash landed on South Island! Eggman, who's still recovering from the crash landing, immediately recognises where he landed. "Wow, the graphics really are a lot worse here", Eggman said upon looking at the pixelated trees.

So, using his knowledge about South Island, and improving on his plan from last time, Eggman builds his new and improved base on South Island. It's up to Sonic to stop him (again)!


Guides used:

Spindash Guide Part 1: Lightning & kram1024

Different songs per Act: nineko

Dynamic Palettes: PsychoSk8r

PAL Music Tempo Guide: Crash

Walk Jump Bug fix: Cinossu & Mercury

Spike Bug fix: FraGag

How to make a good custom palette: Mr. Cat


Green Hill Zone Act 2 - Sylvania Castle Act 2: CHRdutch (Original by Jun Senoue) [I definitely tried back then]

Green Hill Zone Act 3 - Splash Hill Zone Act 3: Jubbalub (Original by Jun Senoue)

The rest of the music is the original in-game music.

Help with fixing bugs:




LuigiXhero(I think?)

FUN FACT: Sonic the Hackable was originally started as a practice project because the project started before it quickly became to difficult to finish!


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