Autodemo Windy Valley Hardmode (unfinished)

By PurpleTwirler

I made this a while ago, but never finished it because I hit the object limit for Windy Valley 3. I'm submitting what I have in case anyone wants to play it. The changes end at the beginning of the 3rd section of Windy Valley. Put this mod underneath the original AD Windy Valley mod for it to work. Let me know if you'd want me to continue this, but let it be known I'd have to delete a significant amount of objects to add new ones, so some of the detail in the original level will be lost.

Mission 16 is now compatible with this mod. Find the flags on the floating islands, but be wary of those who guard them. A snc file has been included that has all the missions unlocked, simply replace the snc file in the savedata folder with the one included.




Special Thanks:


Helped with troubleshooting and releasing the WD AV stage to use in SADXLVL2 as well as well as restoring the stage.


Restored Autodemo Windy Valley with help of ItsEasyActually


Being cool


File Type: 7z

File Size: 7.15 MB