Link Sonic

By MandM

This mod allows you to play as Link Sonic from Sonic Lost World's 'The Legend of Zelda Zone' DLC, in Sonic Generations!

This character swap mod has has compatibility with several other mods that are available such as PBR Shaders (Sunset Heights). Additionally, you are able to choose between the tunic colors from Four Swords, alongside a rainbow tunic.

This mod requires HedgeModManager in order to work, it is not compatible with SonicGMI.


M&M - Model importer and fixes, tunic recolors

Skyth - Archive Tree Patcher

Lady Luna - PBR Shaders support

SuperSonic16 - Code assistance

Sajid - Code assistance

Hyper - "Disable Title Loading Video" patch


File Type: 7z

File Size: 14.15 MB