Sonic 2 but with Chaotix Physics

By Jdpense


So from last year to my surprise, a good number people actually played this hack and it received some attention from last year, which in turn, gave a me a semi-motive to continue to update this small side-project one last time. Aside from the updating the physics and the partner AI slighty, I also created from scrach a holding mechanic to carry your parnter, like from Knuckles Chaotix, which hopefully should slightly improve the choatic expierence. Now this is the finale update to this project, and the last time I ever do anything like this ever again. From now on, I seek to develop something and place more effort into something orinigal, since that's what people are generally more interested in.

Note: Just to clarify, I created the physics and holding mechanic from scratch, they were not ported over. I feel like I need to address this, because I always see people make assumptions about my projects that features were "just ported over", but this is not that case.


- All Level Layouts

- Palettes are left untouched

- Special Stage functionality and layout is not touched

- Music is the same aside from drums

- Art and mappings left the same aside from players


Tools Used

- SonMapED

- JMan's Sonic 1 Sound Compressor

- Sonic 2 2007 disassembly

Credits and Special Thanks

- Xenowhirl for SonMapEd and Sonic 2 2007 disassembly

- Jman for his Sonic 1 Sound Compressor

- ValleyBell for the SFX and Music Rips from Sonic CD and Knuckles Chaotix

- Techokami and Doc Melonhead for the Sonic 3 and Knuckles custom monitor expansion sprite sheet from Spriter's Resource

Assets from other games

- Sonic's main sprites from Sonic 1 and Sonic CD

- Drums from Chaotix

- Hud art and Jump sfx from Sonic CD

- Pause Icon art from Sonic Crackers


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