Sonic '06 - Greenflower Zone

By Knuxfan24

Last year, I submitted this mod, a port/recreation of the first zone from Sonic Robo Blast 2 into the Xbox 360 version of Sonic '06, to the main contest, where it ended up winning a few things much to my utter shock. Since that contest, there has been some changes to the mod (mostly focused around cleaning up the Amigos and adding the 2.1 version of Greenflower in) that I feel don't warrent another contest run, but do at least warrant an Expo appearance.

The Technical Write Up that was also present in the description last year has also been updated, as it previously was hosted on my Tumblr (not the best place for a long technical ramble!) and only went up to Version 1.1 (when the contest version was a 1.2 revision; this upload is Version

The Write Up can now be found here:

As before, anti-alising must be turned off in the '06 Mod Manager due to inefficiences regarding the stage models and real Xbox 360 hardware must use the optional Greenflowerless Addon (found on the GameBanana page at: or on a page on my site at: to avoid a crash at the start of 2.2 Act 2 as well as generally low performance.


Credits can be found on the GameBanana page at:


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TargetToad @ 2021-10-11 09:15:25

This is the most meta mod imaginable. (Too bad my computer can't run 06)