Sonic Maxidrive (Rust Hill Demo for SHC 2021 Expo)

By Speems

Furious after several attempts to anihlate the blue hedgehog, Dr. Robotnik (AKA Eggman) was hard at work struggling to come up with a new plan. After a little while, he finally came up with an idea. An eliberate machine labled the Maxidrive was created, and it was capable of massive amounts of devasting damages. It was no secret on what the first target was: South Island. The first blast was successful as Green Hill was absolutely devasted and mostly devoided of life. Sonic returned just minutes after the energy blast, and he was quick to notice what happened. Despite the successful use of the Maxidrive, Dr. Robotnik knew if he wanted to annihilate the rest of Sonic's home, he would need the Chaos Emeralds. Loads of badniks were sent out to stop anyone who dared to try and obtain the multi-colored gemstones. However those badniks weren't counting on the fact that Sonic is already out to find the emeralds and turn badniks' heads everywhere. Go, Sonic! Retrieve the lost Chaos Emeralds and restore peace to the lands you explore and take down that nefarious doctor's schemes!


Directional Button (D-Pad) - Press left or right to move Sonic. Press and hold either to speed up. Hold up or down to look in the respective directions. (May not work if you're at the highest/lowest point.)

Start Button - Start the game while on the title screen. Press during gameplay to pause, press again to resume.

A, B, C Buttons - Press to jump.


Press Down while walking/running to perform the Spin Attack.

Press A/B/C while holding Down to charge a Spin Dash. Repeatedly press A/B/C to rev up, and let go of Down to release.

Press A/B/C while jumping to perform the Jump Dash, which gives a greater burst of speed.

Press A/B/C while airborne to perform the Air Roll, which prevents you from being vulnerable to certain dangers on the way down.

This is a single zone demo made for the SHC 2021 Expo. As such, it will send you back to the title screen after Act 3.



MainMemory - SonLVL, SonPLN

Selbi - Jump Dash, S2 Level Select Fix for Hardware

ValleyBell - Mid2SMPS, SMPSConv

Snkenjoi - Flex 2

Xenowhirl - SonMapEd

Adobe - Photoshop

Dominic Mazzoni - Audacity (New sounds for Mega PCM)

Lightning, Puto, Shobiz, Mercury - Spin Dash

FraGag - Fixed Demo Playback, Spike Bug Fix1337

Rooster - Hidden Points FixQuickman - Fixed HUD Blinking

MarkeyJester - Fixed Rare Level Select Graphics Bug, Improved Fade Routines, Remember Sprite Fix, SSRG Splash Screen

Tweaker and Puto - Removed Speed Cap (Ground and Air)

Nineko - Eggman Monitor, MIDI Event Editor

Willow Software - Anvil Studio

SoullessSentinel - Expanded Music Slots

Clownacy, MarkeyJester - Song Restoration Fixes

Mercury - Improved Special Stage Jump Physics

Vladikcomper - Mega PCM, Water Skimming, Improved Level Transitions, Advanced Error Handler

jman2050 - Sonic 1 Sound Compressor, REV01 Background Effects

JcFerggy - Alternative Title Screen (Sort of)

ADudeCalledLeo, Kilo - Debug Mode Fixes, Slow Ducking (Based on TheFieldWarrior's version)

DeltaWooloo - 1-Ups through Points, Sonic 1 Prototype Sega Screen

Kilo - Centered Title Screen, Restored "Fist-Pump" Victory Animation

redhotsonic, Luigi Hero - Improved ObjectMove Subroutines, Fixed Drowning Bugs, Scattered Rings Underwater Physics, Ring Timers and Flash

PsychoSk8r, Esrael - Sonic 2 Level Select

Inferno - Air RollCinossu, Mercury - Walk-Jump Bug Fix, Smoother Special Stages

ProjectFM - Sonic 2 Splash and Skid Dust Effects

Crash - Optimized Music for PAL Mega Drive Systems

Gardeguey - Demo Recording

Shadow Fire - Disable Sonic 1's Debug Code

Paranoimia (with Mercury's permission) - Sonic CD HUD Centiseconds

Sonic master - Speed Shoes Music

Speems - Restored Shrinking Animation

Bregalad - GBA Mus Riper

ValleyBell, AURORA*FIELDS - 68K SMPS Type 1B Driver Fixes

Mistergambit - Roller/Catakiller SYZ PLC Fix

AURORA*FIELDS - Optimized Title Card Art (Uncompressed)

RESOURCES: - Various MIDI Files

Squeals92 - Sonic 4 Episode 1 MIDI Files

Speems - BVM Monitor and Icon Sprites

Void the Bat, Kris, GameJoshX9, WizToad and etc. - Expanded Sonic 2 Sprites

Jubbalub - Sylvania Castle Act 1 SMPS for Sunken Pit, S4 World Map SMPS for Level Select

Dolphman - Sonic 8-Bit/Flickies' Island/Adventure/Forces/Colors/Generations/Unused S2 Badniks, Boom Eggmobile (adjusted to fit S1's palette limits), Chaos Emeralds, Animals, GHZ Platform

ValleyBell - SMPS Research Pack (DAC samples, SMPS files to convert)

GitHub and others - Sonic Disassemblies with various pieces that lent its way here

LuigiXHero - Sonic CD Art Test (Peel-Out Release SFX Port)

Rosabelle - S1 Styled Sprites for Sonic

Deno - Roll Sprite

Devy - Copyhog Mania Font (Press Start)

Sega, Sonic Team - Sonic assets in general (Wood Zone [Sonic 2 Beta] tiles for Sunken Pit)

Bouncy Glow - Egg Dragoon MIDI for Funky Circus Boss

Paranoimia (with Mercury's permission) - Sonic CD HUD Centiseconds

Technodevster - Sonic 3&K SFX Ports, Title Card Oval

DataDrive - Drum Samples (80's Retro Furutistic Drum Pack)

Techokami - Title Card Font

thecrushedjoycon - Spin Dash Sprites


Sonic Spinball - Toxic Caves (Rust Hill)

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 - Title Screen, Boss Phase 1 (Rust Hill Boss), Boss Phase 2 (Nega Street Boss)

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 - Sylvania Castle (Sunken Pit), World Map (Level Select), Invincibility, Metal Sonic 1 (Sunken Pit Boss), Ending Scene

Sonic Forces - Casino Forest (Nega Street), Chemical Flow (Omega Factory), Egg Dragoon (Funky Circus Boss)

Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island [Saturn] - Diamond Dust Act 1 (Frost Palace)

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Drowning, Prototype Carnival Night Act 1 (Funky Circus), Prototype Super Sonic

Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist - Special Stage, Frost Palace Boss

Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island [Mega Drive] - Unused Boss Theme (Rust Hill Boss), Act Clear, Credits

Sonic Robo Blast 2 [Pre 2.2] - Continue Screen

Sonic Advance - Chaos Emerald, Moon Zone Clear (Good Ending Jingle)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [Master System/Game Gear] - Act Clear (Special Stage Results)

Trouble Shooter [kind of] - Sega Screen (Currently unused due to PCM jingle implemented)

Kim Possible: Kimmunicator - You Lost (Bad Ending Jingle)

Sonic Adventure - Power Sneakers

Aero Blasters - Final Boss (Mega Egg)

GO-NET - Omega Factory Act 2 to 3 Transition


Kega Fusion, Regen, Gens, BlastEm, Mega Everdrive X5/Pro (Genesis Model 2), ATGames Portable Genesis with Neto Bootloader


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