Kaizonic Through Islands

By FatalPepper66

So, I made a hack for SHC2021, and I would like to demonstrate it to you.

This is a kaizo-styled hack, in which new and exciting adventures awaits Sonic.


Eggman decided to challenge Sonic to a new journey, and Sonic agreed without long thinking. But, this time all zones are much more difficult than usual, Eggman placed all enemies and obstacles so that Sonic would certainly not cope with his task. And now he has to pass all this.

Music, palettes, level structures, sonic1.asm, level order have been changed.

Also, first zone is just a warm-up, so it's not as difficult as other zones.

Moreover, I was making this alone.

I hope you will enjoy this.

Oh and of Course, HashNightFlux and Vadim_Super inspired me to make this.

  • S1 Disassembly - Hivebrain
  • ASM editing tutorials - Sonic Retro
  • Mid2smps - ValleyBell
  • Text Code Generator - Selbi
  • SonED2 - Stealth
  • SonMapEd - Xenowhirl
  • HxD Editor
  • Music - myself
  • Mega PCM Driver - Vladikcomper
  • Sonic One Music Editor - fuzzbuzz

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FatalPepper66 @ 2021-08-18 19:44:50

Comment deleted by FatalPepper66 @ 2021-10-11 05:01:09

Mario_2005 @ 2021-10-12 04:17:17

Very cool hack like

FatalPepper66 @ 2021-10-15 21:42:22

I express you my deep gratitude!

Maxon4ik1 @ 2021-10-13 01:45:41

Masterpiece, Or I would say in our language "shitдевр"

FatalPepper66 @ 2021-10-15 21:42:44

thank you so much too!

EddyTF @ 2021-11-02 07:52:40

Cool Hack, BRO! (Крутой хак, БРО):)

FatalPepper66 @ 2021-11-03 10:35:05

yo, thanks, but anyway, this hack is quite bad

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ioster @ 2022-01-14 07:25:21

i can't open the game