Sonic Magnified

By Giovanni

Sonic Magnified is a demo of a ROM Hack of the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Powered by Sonic 3 & Knuckles' Object and Ring Managers, this ROM hack is capable of containing levels far larger than what you're used to seeing in Sonic 1!

In addition to that, this ROM hack introduces a new move: the Spring Dash!

The Spring Dash is a move you perform after bouncing off a spring. You perform it by pressing any direction on the D pad while holding A, B or C.

Depending on which direction you pressed, you may perform either of these:

Upwards Spring Dash: Need a push to reach another section? Need to perform a bit of precise platforming? This move will propel you upwards while canceling any horizontal momentum.

Side Spring Dash: Great for a quick boost in speed! This move will cancel all vertical momentum.

Downwards Spring Dash: Need to make a quick landing? Use this move! Also, if you destroy a badnik or a monitor on your way down, you get to perform the...

Spring Dash Chain: That's right! Destroying badniks or monitors with a Downwards Spring Dash will allow you to perform another Spring Dash! But be careful: you'll be rendered completely vulnerable until you perform a new Spring Dash!

The Spring Dash, the Spin Dash and the many quality of life improvements made to Sonic's arsenal will provide you the perfect moves to traverse the levels featured in this ROM hack.

This demo features one act of Green Hill Zone for you to explore to your heart's content as you listen to a custom remix of Green Hill Zone.

Look forward for future updates, as I "magnify" this game even further!


Project leader: Giovanni

Level design: Giovanni

Music: Giovanni

Programming: Giovanni, djohe

Testing: djohe, Monospattino, users from redhotserver's #backstage

Tools/Assets utilised:

  • Sonic 1 with S3K Object and Ring Managers Disassembly: ProjectFM
  • Mid2SMPS: ValleyBell
  • SonLVL: MainMemory
  • Sonic 1 Static Splash Screen: Hixatas, ProjectFM
  • Sonic 1 Expanded Sprite Sheet: Rosabelle
  • Sonic 1 Optimised Sound Effects: MarkeyJester
  • Sonic 3 Title Card custom font: Jermungandr
  • ReadySonic: Mercury (Improved Loading Chunks from ROM, stripes on Sonic's shoes when he uses a Spring)

Guides followed:

  • Spin Dash Guide: Lightning, kram1024, Puto, shobiz, Mercury
  • Speed Cap removal: Tweaker, Puto
  • Spike Bug Fix: FraGag
  • Make an Alternative Title Screen: JcFerggy
  • Make the Title Screen use its own Background Deformation Routines: Techokami

Special Thanks:

  • Everyone who writes guides and provides assets to the community, you people are really cool
  • RandomName and ralakimus, for providing instructions on how to extend Sonic 1 levels beyond their 64x8 chunk limits
  • SEGA and Sonic Team, for creating Sonic 1
  • Every single one of those people that have decided to test my ROM hack and provide feedback during the testing period
  • Esrael Neto, for porting Sonic 2's Level Select screen into Sonic 1. (It was used during testing, but there's no point in having a level select screen in a one level demo)
  • djohe, who helped me develop of a feature that did not make it into this demo, but may be implemented into a future version of Sonic Magnified (or repurposed for another project entirely)
  • You people that decide to interact with this ROM hack in any capacity, be it by playing it, talking about it, giving me feedback or in any other way

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Giovanni @ 2021-10-06 11:05:32

Beware! There is a glitch I forgot to fix in the current version of Sonic Magnified. If you take the middle route after the last checkpoint, do NOT backtrack after traversing the quarterloop! Sonic will be killed by the level's lower boundary. I deeply applogize for this inconvenience, and will fix this issue in the next release. (For reference, the route you are most likely going to take after the final checkpoint is the bottom route.)

Last modified by Giovanni @ 2021-10-09 08:15:38

EddyTF @ 2021-11-14 00:33:05

Cool Hack^3

Silasthebest @ 2022-05-02 10:14:42

Good hack though. Very small demo but the new ability is aweeeeeesome! Thanks for the good hack!