Sonic Heroes Advanced

By Shadow Side

It's time for a new adventure, an advanced adventure!

Sonic Heroes Advanced is a mod that aims to modernize the original game. The mod is almost 2 years old, but this year I remade it from scratch. Like in the previous versions, SH Advanced includes:

  • New visual for the playable characters - Characters have proper Environment Maps and the character's eyes and color pallete was edited to match modern games
  • New music so stages are even more entertaining - Music from other Sonic titles, including Sonic 06', Team Sonic Racing, Sonic Generations and more (Perform a Team Blast with any team except Team Chaotix, I'm sure you will like this addition)
  • New HUD - Modernized HUD with assets from other Sonic titles
  • Retextured/High-Poly Objects - Objects such as Rings, Springs or Boxes were replaced with an High-Poly model from another Sonic title or was retextured to match modern games (Spoiler: The Special Stage Key was replaced with a Red Star Ring)
  • New Menus - The menus and title screen were recreated with higher quality


Required Mods:

Optional/Recommended for better experience:



  • If you play through story mode with Team Dark, in the cutscenes, Rouge will appear with no body.

This is the only bug/glitch that I know, if you find any other glitch please contact me through Discord: Shadow Side#7653

PS4 and Xbox HUD:

By default, the HUD will have PS4 Buttons. If you would like to use the Xbox buttons go to the dvdroot folder inside the mod's folder and delete file and then rename the file to

Special Thanks:

I would like to thank Heroes Hacking Central and SA2 Realm for their support on my work, they gave me tips and helped me in various ways to improve my work, they always gave their opinion in a constructive way in order to always help me. I would also like to thank Sonic Overtime and Sonic Plasma for showcasing this mod in their Youtube Channels and thank everyone who downloaded the previous versions of the mod and all the fans of this project.


Shadow Side/Me - Creator of Sonic Heroes Advanced

SEGA/Sonic Team - Publishers and Develepors of every Sonic Title that I used assets from

Raphael Drew Boltman - Allowed me to use and created the Rouge Classic Outfit mod and also clarified lots of my doubts

LunaAlex64 - Allowed me to use and created the Character's Environment Maps from the Definitive Character Visual Overhaul mod

iChris4 - Used some assets from the AI Enhanced HD Textures mod and used other assets from this mod as reference to create my own

XModder17 - Created the "Advanced" text on the logo

Kennie - Created the Speed, Fly and Power Emblems used in the logo, HUD and Menus

itsHelias94 - Created the Metal Overlord render used in the CG Cutscenes menu

iulian2043 - Creator of an Environment Map texture used in the mod


File Type: 7z

File Size: 195.96 MB