Sonic Renovation

By Adriano

This hack was created by me and my friend Dawmer. we modified Sonic 1 mega drive to be a new game. many aspects like music, stages and layouts were changed. characters like Tails, Knuckles and Amy were also added.

To go to level selection, press 3 times back, 3 times up, down and forward.

It is also possible to play with Metal Sonic, but he is a secret character. to unlock it, you must go to the sound test and listen to these songs, 13,75,19,57 and then press start on the middle option called extra chars.


the game songs were converted by me, i used the vgm2smps Win32 tool. and Dewmer converted the music of others from the mega drive to the hack. the arts were modified by me and taken from games like Sonic CD and Sonic 3. and some unknown games. the character sprites were programmed by the Dewmer. Metal Sonic sprites were made by Metool Man. Metal Knuckles sprites were made by Dr Zuplow. Amy's sprites were made by the Modgen team.


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matheusbrancobs @ 2021-10-11 14:47:36

Muito massa!

Mohamad20ZX @ 2021-10-11 22:00:34

how the code work why not say left or right

XtremerSadiq @ 2021-10-13 19:35:44

This hack has alot of potential, but i have to say it's really dissapointing to have no Spin Dash, when you have the feature to re-curl into a ball.

Darkex @ 2021-10-14 09:24:53

Good attempt but I think the level design are way linear.

campbellsonic @ 2021-10-15 13:45:34

This hack is nice. It's a bit linear but the level design is pretty good otherwise. I like the effort to give Knuckles his own paths, but nearly every level starts with a platform Knuckles can't reach and a Knuckles-only wall which is a little annoying. Why not just give Knuckles his own start pos if you're going to split up the path right at the start of the level anyway? Overall though I had fun, the music and art is nice, and the character abilities are neat. This probably could've been in the contest.

metal_soniclol @ 2021-11-05 08:43:39

Not bad i must say good for expo but level design is bad

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EddyTF @ 2021-11-14 00:34:18