Sonic 2 PN Arcade

By PikaNoob

Sonic 2 PN Arcade is a ROM hack of the Sonic 2 Nick Arcade Prototype that tries to make the game feel more complete (kind of ironic because this hack is still a work in progress) and also adding a few new features.

Note: completing Hidden Palace Act 1 will send you straight back to Emerald Hill.


  • Chemical Plant Act 1 and Hidden Palace Act 1 are completable.
  • Palette changes to Emerald Hill and Chemical Plant.
  • Spindash from final Sonic 2 has been added.
  • Speed cap has been removed.
  • Peelout from Sonic CD has been added.
  • Sonic 1 title cards have been restored.
  • Drums from Sonic 1 Prototype have been added.
  • Music from Sonic 2 Final and other Sonic 2 Prototypes have been added.

ASM Editing: PikaNoob

Level layouts: PikaNoob

Beta testing: Sonic the Dutch hedgehog, space fox and Darkex

and some tutorials on Sonic Retro


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Proletant Team @ 2021-11-14 00:31:22

Cool Hack^3