Sonic Colors: Episode Shadow

By Lady_Luna

Welcome to the first big character mod for Sonic Colors: Ultimate!

This mod is the good ol' Shadow replacement mod, should be fairly self-explanatory, but given Colors Ultimate's out-of-the-ordinary game engine(s), making this one had some challenges, but also gives us some special freedoms.

This time 'round, Shadow isn't just a model replacement, all aspects of gameplay have been adjusted to make sure he fits right in, from animations to particles, properly working jet boosters and even new cosmetic options!


  • Shadow's model is custom-made by yours truly, along with new textures and materials. Sonic's cosmetic options have also been replaced with many alternate colors for Shadow's gear.
  • Animations ported over from generations, making Shadow skate just like he should.
  • Modified UI to fit Shadow's color scheme, as well as a new logo and replacing character renders with completely new ones.
  • Fully functioning jet boots, Shadow's shoes now properly emit fire and light when skating at high speeds.
  • Re-done particles and visual effects inspired by all playable Shadows of the past, no blue jumpball or slide to be found here, but if you so desire, the rainbow boost was added as an option in the boost selection.
  • Metal Sonic has been fully replaced by the infamous Shadow Android, inspired by his appearance in the 2-Player battle in Shadow '05 and the IDW comics.
  • Some returning tunes from Shadow's own game and the other Episode Shadow, including: Title Screen, World Map, Options/Player Menu, Results, Rival Races, Super Form and Credits.
  • Sonic's voice has been fully replaced by Shadow, using lines from Shadow '05 and Sonic '06.
  • Tails has been fully removed, from voice lines to Tails Save, Shadow's on his own here.

Limits, Omissions and Plans:

  • Due to this game's still very new status, we have not been able to edit any of the dynamic text in this game yet, so any text referring to Sonic could not be replaced.
  • Gameland/Sonic Simulator has not been touched, the focus here was on the main game, there are plans to expand the mod at a later date to include gameland.
  • Tails save has been currently removed in favor of the old checkpoint system due to time constraints, there are plans to replace Tails Saves with Rouge Saves at a later date when more about the game and it's engine is known.

The Gameplay & UI Fixes mod is needed to properly restore the life system from the original game, make sure to load this mod at a higher priority (If you get a Sonic icon, swap the order) and use the 'Disable Tails save' option in the config for this mod.

Use HedgeModManager to install this mod.

  • Lady Lunanova - Making Shadow's model, textures, materials, particles, UI edits, custom character renders, retargeting animations, replacing music.
  • PTKickass & Sajid - Making the script to make Shadow's jet boots only activate above a certain speed.
  • RadiantDerg - Making the new title screen logo.
  • Skyth - Ripping the original skeleton from Colors Ultimate.
  • Mario Tainaka - Replacing Sonic's voice lines with Shadow's and overall sound mixing.
  • M&M - Muting all of Tails' voice lines and general sound help.
  • Hyuga & Hyper - General help with Godot.

File Type: 7z

File Size: 466.28 MB