Sonic Heroes: Encore Mode V0.7

By Sovic91

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sonic Heroes Encore Mode. This is a mod that provides a fresh coat of paint to the stages we're all quite familiar with. The current version has visual changes made to the following levels:

  1. Sea Gate
  2. Seaside Hill
  3. Ocean Palace
  4. Egg Hawk
  5. Grand Metropolis
  6. Power Plant
  7. Team Battle 1
  8. Casino Park
  9. Bingo Highway
  10. Robot Carnival
  11. Rail Canyon
  12. Bullet Station
  13. Egg Albatross
  14. Frog Forest
  15. Lost Jungle
  16. Team Battle 2
  17. Egg Fleet
  18. Final Fortress
  19. Egg Emperor
  20. Metal Madness
  21. Special Stage 4

There are also some changes to a few multiplayer levels, but not much work has been done there. It is also important to mention that there have been no object layout changes made (except for a few DB files, which are for decorative objects only)

Now, those who've played the previous versions might be curious about what improvements have been made since last time. Well the following stages (that are not new) have been improved in one way or another:

  1. Ocean Palace: Removed the Sun
  2. Grand Metropolis: Edited more windows and minor colour changes
  3. Power Plant: Major colour improvements
  4. Team Battle 1: Added decorative objects such as floor lights and HEXAeco signs
  5. Bingo Highway: Minor colour changes
  6. Egg fleet: Minor texture alterations

Completely new to this version are:

  1. Robot Carnival
  2. Rail Canyon
  3. Bullet Station
  4. Egg Albatross
  5. Frog Forest
  6. Lost Jungle
  7. Team Battle 2
  8. Final Fortress
  9. Egg Emperor
  10. Metal Madness
  11. Special Stage 4

Levels that have remained the same from the last version are:

  1. Sea Gate
  2. Seaside Hill
  3. Egg Hawk
  4. Casino Park

Anyway, hope you have fun!


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DarthVader @ 2021-10-13 10:45:23

круто вы сделалил молодцы

Sovic91 @ 2021-10-18 13:25:17

Большое спасибо, лорд Вейдер!

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